Friday, September 6, 2019

Handicraft # 7: 3D Origami by Gabi

Vacation is almost over, we will be starting our new homeschool year this September 09.

3D Origami by Gabi

Since there is no gadget time for my boys, both of them made use of their time to create. Gabi recently learned about 3D origami and he is just unstoppable.

Every now and then, he will cut and fold. Sometimes, I would think he is wasting a lot of paper. But then I realized, this is better than a gadget, right? So, I just support him in everything that he likes to do as long as it will benefit him.

3D origami requires a lot of patience as you sometimes need to make a hundred pieces. Gabi said he needed to make 500++ pieces for the octopus model alone and he said he learned to be patient with it. 

Mommies, if you want to teach your child patience, this is a sure fit. Let me share his works:

3D Origami

3D Origami

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