Thursday, March 23, 2017

Euky Bearub Review + Blessing Giveaway

Euky Bearub Review

I'm so blessed to received a sample of Euky Bearub from Koofty Enterprise for testing and review. To be honest, chest rub is not part of our baby essentials. We used to have a vapor rub but we don't use it for the kids. My kids have a very sensitive skin and I am not confident in using it to them. I was reluctant to try this at first but upon checking the label and seeing that it is gentle on most sensitive skin, I felt assured.

Euky Bearub
Euky Bearub, 50grams, Php 400


  • It provides therapeutic vapours which help clear a stuffy nose, soothes the throat and eases coughs.
  • It helps breathe easier and sleep better.
  • It relieves muscular pains and aches.
  • It can be used as a soothing balm for minor insect bites.
  • It can be used as an inhalant for steam therapy.
  • Mid-strength - stronger than ‘baby’ chest rubs but still very gentle on most sensitive skin
  • Non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin
  • Comes in a handy tube - No messy ointment pots or grease under fingernails; just squeeze the right amount from the tube

Euky Bearub

  • Suitable for kids (age 2+) and adults.  
  • Below the age of 24 months, Euky Bearub can be used by putting onto a tissue and placing it near the head of the bed or cot.  Although Euky Bearub is a gentle formula, as a precaution we advise not to use directly on baby’s skin unless on the advice of your health professional.
  • Safe to use in pregnancy and breastfeeding


Euky Bearub
Eucalyptus oil, Eucalyptol, Menthol, Camphor and Rosemary oil.


I like that this rub is all-natural and gentle on my kids' sensitive skin. No skin irritation so far. The tube packaging is very neat - no mess! You can easily slip it into your bag if you are on the go.

When my little one was complaining recently about a tummy ache in wee hours, I was grateful to have Euky Bearub available. I massage it gently on his aching stomach and when he was relieved, he went back to sleep. There was another instance (also in wee hours) where he was coughing hard. I rushed to get the rub and massage it on his throat and chest, and it has worked wonders. It is also good on insect bites. Now, every time my little one has an insect bite, he will ask me to put him "bearub". I don't regret trying this product and I'm so happy to have it as part of our baby kit. I think every Mom should have this on their list.


Our friends from Koofty Enterprise, the distributor of Euky Bear products were so generous to give a tube of Euky Bearub to two (2) of my readers! Simply follow the steps below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run from March 24 - April 11, 2017. The announcement of winners will be posted on this blog and in Qarah Moments Facebook Page. The winners will also receive a personal message. I hope you can join this giveaway!

For more information about Euky Bearub, visit their Website or Facebook Page.

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  1. This really looks like a nice product. I'll be happy to try this out. Mukhang ok sya e. Based on the testimonials from other mommy bloggers.

  2. We are using the common vapor rub that you can buy over the counter. I haven't tried this product yet but I've read good reviews. Do you have any idea how much is Euky Bearub?

  3. Wow! This should be part of every mom's medicine kit :) I would love to try one.

    Joining your give-away Sis :)

    Gracie Maulion
    [email protected]

  4. My toddler and I we love rub. I think this rub is good for us. Lalo na before matulog or nasa byahe. I read a lot of good reviews about this product and I would love to check this out in drugstore. Available ba to sa Mercury drugs? Thanks

    1. It's not yet available in Mercury but you can find them in Rustan's, Mothercare, Hobbes and Landes, Mamaway, BabyMama, Modern Mama, BaobaoBabies and Cuts 4 Tots stores.

    2. I see! I've read about this before, yet when my son needed this, I can't find it in local drugstores. Great that you're holding a giveaway!

  5. Great! I would love to have this for my kids.

  6. Its truly a blessings!! I joined and I hope to try this kind of product.
    Name : angelie namindang
    Email : [email protected]

  7. I've been using manzanilla sa baby ko tuwing may tummy aches siya or may mga sipon ganon. good thing nabasa ko tong post mo sis. Naghahanap ako ng natural products for my little one. I tried my luck pala sa giveaway. Hihi. :)

    Ramona Jessica Nadong
    [email protected]

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  9. Joined :-)
    Name: Imelda Palad
    FB:Imee Palad
    Email address: [email protected]

  10. Thank you so much for joining this giveaway! God bless you all.