Monday, September 23, 2019

Manila International Book Fair 2019: Book Haul

Last year, I wasn't able to go to the Manila International Book Fair, so this year. I made sure to be present. I have a couple of books on my bucket list for our Philippine History and Literature.

Book Haul

I went there on a Saturday afternoon. What I like about going in the afternoon is people are already heading home while we are just starting to shop. So, it's not crowded anymore and there are no long lines in the counter. I'm blessed to have my boys accompanied me.

Before I went there, I have my pass printed already in excess, just in case. I also have my list of books and its publishers. I don't have the luxury to roam around and I don't want to because I have a limited budget. You see I'm staying away from temptations. :)

I want to be specific in the booths I am going and I want to stick with what's on my list. I only buy books I needed for the school year for my two boys, so I'm not really hoarding.

Philippine Feast

I went first to Anvil to buy Philippine History book. I've been eyeing to buy The Other Philippine History by Christine L. Diaz but I waited for the book fair to score a big discount. I got both Part 1 and 2. Next, I headed to Tahanan, it has been my favorite and most of my hauls are from them. I got Lola Basyang Book 2 since I have the book 1 already. I was planning to complete my set of Great Lives Series but unfortunately, they don't have those books I'm missing. I got Indio Bravo instead which is about the life of Jose Rizal. I also bought A First Look at Philippine Butterflies, Trees and Birds. Lastly, I went to Lampara to add Alamat books in our collection. Gabi, my eldest preferred the Lampara version amongst others. It has the English side by side translation and he likes the illustration.

I also went to other stalls for my friends who asked for PASABUY. I went to Ateneo Press, Bookmark, New Day Publisher and OMF Lit.


It was a success because I was able to stick to my budget and I got all the books I need. I'm more than blessed to my husband/financer who supported me and joined me in the fair.

Thanks, MIBF. Until next!

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