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Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

We witnessed the breathtaking beauty of Pitahaya Plantation in Palaya Natural Farm as we celebrated our eldest son's 10th birthday last December 10. We initially planned on visiting a zoo, but we were not disappointed in picking Palaya instead. 

Palaya Natural Farm is a 66-hectare farmland located at Brgy. Cayabu and Tinucan, Tanay Rizal, Philippines.

It is dedicated for agricultural production of Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit), together with a variety of other fruits and vegetables, trees, while a small portion will be devoted to setting up piggery, cattle and poultry establishments and other activities. The farm uses natural farming techniques (zero chemicals). They only use natural fertilizers from indigenous materials, fermented plant and fruit sprays, and will cultivate the land using natural soil treatments.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Let me share with you what Palaya Natural Farm has in store for you and your family or friends in case you are planning to pay them a visit.


1. Hiking/Pitahaya Plantation Tour

We were assisted by our Kuya guide who is very kind and accommodating. We toured the plantation and went to the highest point. Going uphill was a bit easier than downhill. Hours before we arrived, it was raining. Therefore, the steps were sloppy and we slid several times. Haha!

He shared that the name Palaya came from two words: Pinagpala and Malaya. He brought us to the top of the plantation where a kubo was waiting for us to rest and refresh our weary bodies. We reclined there while appreciating the pleasant view. It was so relaxing! What a great place for laboring man to unwind. Kuya cut a branch of wildflower for us to bring and plant at home.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm 

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

2. Fruit Picking

Unfortunately, we went off-season for Dragon Fruit. Thus, we were not able to see its product. This gave us a good reason to be back on its season. Although, this didn't stop us from enjoying the vast plantation.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

3. River Swimming

The kids, upon seeing the river want to plunge in right away! We enjoyed the rapid and the clear, cold water.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Small fishes and tiny crabs captured our attention and the kids were thrilled to catch some.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

4. Horse Back Riding

You may go for horseback riding for a fee of P50 or P150 depending on the area.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

5. Play Sports

We played volleyball and badminton here with the kids. A great way to break a sweat, exercise and give our health a huge boost.

I forgot to bring our frisbee but they lent us their badminton and volleyball. You may also bring your own bike here. But next time we revisit, I'm thinking of flying a kite so my kids can experience it too. 

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

6. Fishing

Fishing will soon be available. So we were not able to try it during our stay but we are looking forward to that.

7. Sightseeing

You may just simply enjoy the fresh breeze and astounding mountain views.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

8. Bonfire

We opted to stay overnight, we were supposed to stay in a tent but due to the weather, we end up in Kubo. We had a bonfire for our group and spent a night of fellowship.

We saw fireflies illuminating a bamboo tree and showed it to the kids. They caught some of them. By the way, there is no internet nor cellphone signal here but they have solar power to light the place at night. There is no aircon also but the place is already cold.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm


Travel time from Manila is two and half hours. We used Google Maps to find the address. It is not yet pinned in Waze because there is no internet in the place. There is no public transportation going there so you may rent a van or bring your own car. Going to the actual place is a rough and bumpy road, so Sedan with low clearance from the ground is not recommended to bring.


During Market Day (second Saturdays of the Month), they offer FREE entrance. They sell different organic crops at a very low cost. They have buffet lunch and just add Php 100 for a serving of Palaya's Signature Salad. You can also try their Dragon Fruit ice cream.

You may also bring packed lunch, which is what we did. Since we went there after the Market Day, we were not able to experience these things. So, I highly recommend you to go on a Market Day. not unless you are going there in a big group where a special arrangement can be done.


Day Tour:

P100 per head.
5-12 yrs old P50 per head
Below 5 yrs old are FREE.

*This includes the entrance fee, a welcome drink, Pitahaya Plantation Tour and use of common areas.

Overnight Fee:

P200 per head
5-12 yrs old P100 per head
Below 5 yrs old are FREE.

*For overnight stays at least a week reservation prior to the desired booking date is required.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm


They only use organic and natural materials to ensure the crops’ health and freshness. No artificial, commercial and harmful pesticides used. You may do an advance order of their organic food, especially if you are planning for an overnight stay. See menu here.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm


Kubo (2-4 pax) - P1,000/night
Kubo (5-6 pax) - P1,200/night
Tent (2 pax) - P300/night
Tent (4 pax) - P600/night

*Kubos and tents include mattresses, sheets, and pillows. There is no aircon here but it is cold at night.

The experience in Palaya is nostalgic especially for me who once lived in the province. It's like rekindling my childhood memories. We give praise to the Lord for His wonderful creation.

I hope our kids will also have great memories of nature, that they will develop a deep love for it. We had a great time at Palaya and we hope to be back.

Thanks to my Nanay, to our Small Group Leader and to one of our small group members for celebrating Gabi's 10th with us. Thanks also to Ann and all the Palaya staffs for accommodating us. Above all, to our Almighty God for allowing us to enjoy the beauty of His handiwork.

Things to do in Palaya Natural Farm

"Francis loved nature and saw the glory of God in everything that God had made. Even the lowliest of creatures showed His wonderful handiwork." ~ Francis of Assisi, Trial and Triumph

For more details, you may visit their Facebook Page. You may text or call Ms. Grace at 0926-065-6757 or 0921-373-2240 for booking.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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