Friday, December 8, 2017

Our Growing Family Living Books Collection

I didn't grow up with a love of reading (sigh). I don't remember any favorite book in my childhood. I wasn't exposed to good literature and great writings. I only knew textbooks we used in school but have no relationship with them.

Marfa Living Books
Our Collection last July

During high school, our English teacher read us the story of Beowulf and I loved it. Other than that, I don't recall any other classic stories  I grew up with. I knew some good titles but I was not inspired to read them. 

I never thought it would be necessary to get those books until I was introduced to Charlotte Mason Method. My view changed ever since, I never knew schooling can be this delightful!

When we fully embraced the CM method, we got rid of twaddle books in our home and started collecting living books.

"For the children? They must grow up upon the best . . . There is never a time
when they are unequal to worthy thoughts, well put; inspiring tales, well
told. Let Blake's 'Songs of Innocence' represent their standard in poetry
 DeFoe and Stevenson, in prose; and we shall train a race of readers who will
demand literature--that is, the fit and beautiful expression of inspiring ideas
 and pictures of life." ~ Charlotte Mason

If there is one reason for me to go to the mall, it would be to go on book hunting. I always get excited going to Book Sale Stores because you will never know what treasure is hidden on the shelves. Last July, I posted a picture of our collection and I am just amazed at God's provision.

I also love the convenience of purchasing online. In fact, I have some favorite online bookstores with really awesome collections.

Marfa Living Books
Year 3 Books

Marfa Living Books
Philippine Books

Marfa Living Books

Marfa Living Books
Books for different years

By God's grace and provision, our collection keeps on growing. I have CM friends who are also giving out extra copies of their books and I am so blessed. This also made me realized, I need a bigger bookshelf. Hehehe.

How about you? Share your collection of books by leaving a comment below.

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