Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chosen - A Mother's Retreat

Moms, do you ever feel like things are not going to its rightful place? Household chores become unbearable, work is demanding, the husband needs your attention, kids are not cooperative.. everyone is demanding your time and energy.

Are you overwhelmed being a Mom who wears many hats? Do you sometimes wish to disappear for a moment? 

Sometimes, all we need is a break.

A car can run on fumes for only so long. It needs to be refilled or it will stop running together. You as a mother can't continue to be everything to everybody, eventually, you will break down. You need to take a break for yourself, to rejuvenate, to make sure you are not lost while trying to hold everything together. ~

Whether you are a stay at home Mom, or a working mom like me, whatever season you are right now in your motherhood, here's a treat for you!

Chosen Mother's Retreat

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

stART Hope: The 1st For-a-Cause Art Exhibit by Philippine Homeschoolers

Last December 03, 2016, we were invited to join the Media Launch of stArt Hope at The Crafter's Marketplace, Ground Floor, Rustan's EDSA Shangri-La, Mandaluyong.

stART Hope is the first ever benefit art exhibit curated purely by homeschooled students in the Philippines. About fifty homeschooling students grades 4 to 8 have united their efforts in the pursuit for hope, peace, and change for the sake of the next generation.

stART Hope

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BeautyMNL: My First Online Shopping Experience

I am so blessed to be handpicked to give the BeautyMNL site a test run. This is very timely because going to mall is a luxury for me, something that I cannot afford, haha! Especially this season where people are mostly in the mall doing early Christmas shopping.

BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul

Monday, December 5, 2016

8 Years of Marriage

Last November 19, we celebrated our 8 years of marriage. Yes! 8 years, by God's grace!

I can still remember the time when I proposed marriage to my husband. Yes, you read it right, I did the proposal. Funny isn't it?

8 Years of Marriage