Friday, May 27, 2016

SMS-Based Personal Assistant HeyKuya Does the Work So You Don’t Have to

Now everyone in Metro Manila can have their very own Kuya, a personal assistant ready to make daily life easier. Users of HeyKuya, the latest company built by Machine Ventures can avail of the hassle-free services, ranging from deliveries, reservations, bookings and many more without any hidden costs, simply through text.

Shahab Shabibi, Co-Founder of HeyKuya, stated, “We started HeyKuya to help save people time in the fast paced city life of Metro Manila” he added “In the end we want to socially contribute to the society and we feel responsible for that. If we are able to save someone a few minutes a day, I would say that we have accomplished our goal to help the Philippines to be an even more productive nation.”

There are currently no membership fees and Kuya only charges for what you order. “Every day we help people across our city to book tables at the hottest restaurants, reserve movie tickets for the latest show, or even provide directions if they are lost and don’t have access to the internet, all for free” said Nathania Chua, Marketing Manager for HeyKuya.

Despite the wide use of mobile devices in the Philippines, many are still not internet-savvy, or have to look for an area that offers a WiFi connection. This is where HeyKuya takes over by connecting through text messages, an affordable and reliable form of communication.

Early users who have used the service are ecstatic about the possibilities. “We have had so many requests since we launched ranging from the simple like ordering a pizza to the unusual like asking Kuya for flirting tips”, says Nico Dagus, Operations Manager for HeyKuya. “Kuya knows it all!”

Users love Kuya so much that we even had one female user ask Kuya out on a date!” stated Joshua Gantuangco, Customer Experience Manager for HeyKuya

HeyKuya is currently offering everyone in Metro Manila a chance to try the service and have their very own virtual Kuya. “HeyKuya!: Text One, Then Done!”

HeyKuya is the latest innovation from Machine Ventures, an end-to-end company builder that transforms ideas into companies. Machine is backed by several of the region’s most prominent entrepreneurs who have launched successful startups across the globe.

For more details, you can check out their web page and sign up for HeyKuya at

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