Monday, September 16, 2019

6 Years of Homeschooling

Finally, we started another homeschool year! My eldest Gabi is now on his 7th Grade and my #LittleManGael is officially homeschooling too as a Preschooler!

I'm the type of person who prefers to have everything mapped out on paper from the beginning whenever we start our homeschooling.  I like planning and organizing and I don't like to do things on the fly. Although through the years, I learned also to be flexible, to give room for adjustments and changes along the way and when necessary. So, after preparing all the materials, books and prereading, we're off to a new start!

Charlotte Mason PH

This is our schedule for this year for my two boys. I got help from my CM/AO Momma friends on this as we share notes and inputs together. I'm so blessed to journey alongside fellow CMers. This is our 4th year of using CM/AO but I must say I'm still a no expert in this method, I'm still learning from other mentors and support groups.

Charlotte Mason PH

My goal for Gabi this year is to let him do almost all the reading for this year so I can focus more on my preschooler. My eldest who is now 11 years old still loves his Momma to read aloud to him, he sees that as our bonding time together. I'd like to enroll him also to an online course for either a drawing lesson or animation.

Charlotte Mason PH

For my #LittleManGael, nothing formal yet, everything will be informal learning through play. My priorities for him: working on good habits and providing a variety of good ideas.

As for me, my personal goal is to be consistent in doing prereading and on doing family read-aloud. I also need to work on being consistent with going outdoors and hopefully, to attend another CM talk. I'd like to give more time also to study Philippine History and Literature for my boys so I made it twice a week in our schedule.

Our First Day Photo:

AO Year 5
AO Year 5, 7th Grader

AO Year 0
AO Year 0, Preschooler

Each homeschool year, I'm amazed at how the Lord would provide for our books and materials. This year, we got unexpected provision again. God is indeed faithful in everything!

Charlotte Mason PH
Our Philippine Feast for this Year

Looking back, I remember how my eldest would say "I don't like narration". But these days, every now and then he does narration even if it's not school time. He would often give me beautiful and long narrations. He would even share the stories he read with his Dad! He was also a reluctant writer in the past but he is now doing long written narrations too. Good thing I just trust the process and now, I see the process WORK! I thank God for this beautiful and rich method of education and I look forward to more CM wins for our family.

Our first week went well and I hope this momentum will continue. Here's our first week at a glance:

First Week

More than preparing the schedule, supplies, and books for the various subjects. I need to prepare myself mentally too. With the new season of our lives, I know this will be a challenging and difficult season not just for me but for my entire family. With a lot of adjustments, things might get topsy turvy. I am feeling overwhelmed already, and I need God to encourage my anxious heart and ease my worries. 

I'll do my best and trusting God to cover my mistakes and shortcomings because I know there will be many but I'm leaning hard on Jesus every day. Reminding myself that there is no perfect mom, no perfect education. But we have such a good and perfect God and He has not changed.

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