Friday, September 29, 2017

Treat Your Feet: What to Expect on Your First Pedicure

Would you agree that our feet deserve to be spoiled and pampered once in a while?

Statistics shows, women are more susceptible to experience severe foot pain than men. That is mostly because of high-heeled shoes. As for me, I gave up on those shoes a long time ago. Especially now that I always have my kids around me. But it doesn't exempt me from having a tired, aching feet.

Pedicures are a common treatment in beauty salons, but if you have never had your feet pampered before, your first appointment can be a little daunting. However, a pedicure can be the ultimate form of pampering, soothing aching feet and boosting your mood. So, what can you expect from your first pedicure?

Be Prepared:

It is always a good idea to schedule your appointment in advance at the beauty salon. Melbourne CBD businesses will often allow “walk-in” clients, but to get the best out of your pedicure, you need to be prepared. You will need to wear open-toed shoes such as sandals or thongs and if you prefer your own nail polish. You need to allow at least an hour for your pedicure. Your appointment may be completed in 30 minutes, but it is a good idea to wait in the salon to ensure your polish is completely dry before putting on your shoes and leaving.

Remember, that you may be seated in an open area, so wear clothing that you feel comfortable in when your feet are in the air. Short skirts or tight leg pants can prove problematic, so give your wardrobe a little thought.

The Stages of Your Pedicure:

When it comes to beauty services, Melbourne salons often have their own techniques, but there are some common elements of a pedicure. The first step will be to remove any nail polish you have on your toes. Your feet will be soaked in soothing warm water before the nails are cut and shaped using emery boards and clippers. This is my favorite part! Most technicians will offer you a choice of whether you prefer a squared or rounded shape. I always go for a square shape.

Treat Your Feet: What to Expect on Your First Pedicure

Once the nails are shaped, the technician will treat your cuticles. A cuticle lotion will be applied to the edges of your toenails, and the technician will use a wand and trimmers to push back the cuticle and trim any dead skin.

The technician will now use a pumice stone to remove any dead skin and callouses from your feet. Your feet will be given a final soak before being patted dry with a fluffy, clean towel.

Most salons will apply lotion to the feet and legs, massaging the skin. The technician will separate the toes using inserts or cotton, so nail polish can be applied. Typically, two coats of colour will be applied before a final topcoat. You will be asked to sit for ten minutes until the polish is dry enough to remove the dividers. You can then sit in the waiting area until you are fully dry and you can ease on your footwear and show off your beautiful toes.

Treat Your Feet: What to Expect on Your First Pedicure

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