Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Handicraft # 1: Basic Weaving

Over and under...over and under...

"The children I am speaking of are much occupied with things as well as with books, because 'Education is the Science of Relations,' is the principle which regulates their curriculum; that is, a child goes to school with many aptitudes which he should put into effect. So, he learns a good deal of science, because children have no difficulty in understanding principles, though technical details baffle them. He practises various handicrafts that he may know the feel of wood, clay, leather, and the joy of handling tools, that is, that he may establish a due relation with materials. But, always, it is the book, the knowledge, the clay, the bird or blossom, he thinks of, not his own place or his own progress." - CM Volume 6, pg.31

Handicraft # 1: Weaving

For our first year of using the Charlotte Mason Method, we did cardboard loom weaving. My son loves to do things quickly, which is one habit we are working on. We don't want him to do sloppy work. We scheduled handicraft during riches. Sometimes, my son will grab the materials and work on his weaving during free time. We did a lot of practice on this until he was able to do it correctly. CM emphasizes on the habit of attention and perfect execution, this is one way of implementing it.

Handicraft # 1: Weaving
I'm already satisfied with his work so I guess we can move on to the next level or maybe, a different handicraft. I'm thinking of sewing for my son, hmmm. I'll keep you posted!

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