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AO Year 1: Oral Narrations

I transcribed some of the Oral Narrations of my Son as part of his output. Output is required if you are enrolled in a Homeschool Provider.

Why narration?

Narration, or oral composition, utilizes many mental functions. Each time your child narrates, he is mentally composing his thoughts and communicating through words. Many specific comprehension skills are learned through narration - sequencing, main idea, details - and it's also good practice in listening and in speaking skills. ~ Ambleside Online

These are all from the book Aesop Fables since it is typically short and I don't want to stress myself transcribing longer ones (hehehe). I removed some fillers but this is exactly how he narrated it.

Oral Narration

The Lion and the Ass

One day, a lion was walking proudly while the animals are making way for him, maybe too bowing down, for he is the king of the jungle. Just then, suddenly, an ass brayed at him, he felt a flash of anger and turn his head who had spoken to. So, he didn’t even pounce the ass, he just walked away. The lesson is, “Do not listen to fools”.

The Travellers and the Purse

One day, two travelers were walking on the down a road. Then one of them spotted a purse. He said, “How lucky I am to found a purse on the road. Maybe, judging its weight, it’s full of gold”. His companion said that he must say, “not I”, “how lucky WE are!”. But he said, he is the one who found it. 

There came men with clubs and he said, “Maybe you are lost”. But the other companion said, “not WE, stick to your I” he said.  

If you want to share your misfortunes, always share your good fortunes.

The Frogs who wished for a King

One day, the frog were happy for themselves free. But they do nothing but croaking in a bored way. So, they asked Jupiter for them to have a king. But Jupiter knows how foolish they are. So he threw out a giant log and the frog hid themselves because the log was a fearful giant. 
But the frogs checked but he was a tamed king. So, sometimes, the younger frog made him a diving platform and the older frogs made him a meeting place. But they soon found out how bored they are. So, they cried out to Jupiter for king. But Jupiter gave them a crane to be king of frog land. Its quite different than old King Log. So, the thing is that, since King Log was peaceful and tamed, the crane king was wild. He gobbled up all the frogs, right and left. The frogs cried out to Jupiter. But Jupiter said that why aren’t they content? The lesson is, “Be careful of your misfortunes before you seek changes”.

The Oak and the Reeds

One day, an oak tree which is beside the reeds, which is near a brook. When wind came they bowed down and sang a mournful song. But the tree said, why do they bow down. But the reed said that they’re bowing before them so that they’ll not harm them. But the tree stand firm and fighting against the wind but they said that his end has come. Now, there came a great hurricane from the North and the tree fought himself. The reeds bow down. Just then, the wind doubled up its fury and sadly the tree fell, the proudful tree, among the creeping reeds.

The Ass in the Lion’s Skin

An ass found a wolf skin laying in the sand to dry. Then he wore it, then all the animals who saw him passed. The ass was so happy that he thought, he was actually like the king lion. So, he gave up a loud bray and a fox who was with the running saw him and began to laugh at him saying, “You should have keep your mouth shut. If so, I should have been frightened, then runaway. But you gave yourself away with a silly, little bray.”

The lesson is, anyone can deceive with their clothing but what they say reveals who are really them.

The Bees, and Wasps, and the Hornet

There was a honeycomb in a hollow tree and the bees proclaimed it it's theirs. But the wasps said that it's theirs. Then, they began to have a fight and when they are going to have a fight, there came the judge, justice of peace in that part of woods. The hornet, the justice of peace in that part of the woods then, proclaimed them and then the Hornet said, the wise judge Hornet, the justice of peace in that part of the wood said that he will have time, 6 weeks to think of it. So, six weeks later, everybody, the bees and the wasps who’s larger than ever, are crowded. Then, the wise judge Hornet, the justice of peace in that part of the wood. The old bees said, that those who cannot build it shall not proclaim it its theirs, but those who build it. Then the wasps hum loudly and the reason is, they could not build and fill it wih honey, mouthwatering honey. So, the Hornet, the wise judge Hornet, the justice of peace in that part of the wood said that the honey belong to the bees.

The lesson is, “ability proves it by its deeds”.

The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle

Ond day in the farmyard, there were two cocks living there. Then, they can’t bear to stand the sight of each other. And at last, they fought beak and claw, and at last one of them was beaten and run to the corner to hide. The cock then, the one who won, flew at the top of the barnyard and crowed so hard to tell the whole world, “I am the master of my victory!”.

But suddenly, there came an egle who saw his boasting compliments. Then, he took him to its nest. Then, his enemy, the other cock saw and took place as master of the barnyard.

Lesson is, “Pride goes before a fall.”

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