Saturday, March 19, 2016

Photography by Romel

Photography has become hubby's other favorite thing. I shared before he got interested in graphics and layout.

He started using a bridge camera and by God's grace, we were able to buy our very first DSLR when we received our severance pay. I didn't hesitate when he said he wants to buy one because he has been praying for it and I can see that he really wants to take it seriously. Besides, who doesn't want good quality photos? (wink)

With that, hubby, has been the event photographer in the family and even in some of our Dgroup events. You would notice he is often missing in some pictures, but that's the cost of it, right? :)

To further his photography skills, he recently enrolled in Shaw Academy and completed the Diploma in Photography.

The Shaw Academy is a professional training and higher education institution dedicated to making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all.

He took Basic Photography, although he knew the basic already thru YouTube tutorials. He got a really good deal from Metrodeal (actual price is really costly)!

This April, he will be covering a major event of his life (yes, it's his major). He will be the documentation head in the upcoming Unconditional Retreat 2.0 and I'm really excited for him!

Here are some of his shots.








Maternity Photoshoot

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