Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One Proud Partidonian

Maundy Thursday, I was cleaning upstairs and sorting-out some old stuff when I stumbled on this valedictory address.

It goes like this....

"Our beloved guests, University officials, our campus Administrator, faculty members, teachers, parents, co-graduates, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

Through the eye, it seems the sun is just beginning to cast its glorious warmth upon us. At last! We have come to the end of one stage in our academic lives. A partial fulfillment of unceasable dreams.

This moment is a time of joy and sorrow, tears and fears and a time of saying goodbye and hello or shall I say an emotional time.

Graduation doesn't mean the end of struggle. It's a new beginning in its truest sense. A group selection of path towards the goal.

In the process, somewhere, somehow, we will encounter different intense of storm, challenges and defeats, failures and disappointments whether we like it or not, that simply is the way it is. All we need is to be opened and optimistic because these persecutions and certainties will serve as the stepping stone to succeed. But of course it must be accompanied by great works, perseverance and strong determination. You, I .and we are in the best position to comply because we're given a great chance to pursue education, but I am not saying that the uneducated are hopeless and yet they can be, as an educated does.

So, go a mile! Don't condemn yourselves.

It is merely Important to find time to listen to the sound of the gentle breeze; to always ask God's intervention because He won't let you down as others will.

It's anyone's privilege to be Partidonian, the last batch, yet never the least among the bests. A million thanks is not enough to equate the goodness showered by the untiring teachers. They didn't simply give their hands but ready to offer unselfish selves to show their love.

With pride, I undoubtedly raise thumb to them. They really exerted their very best. One thing that I can assure is that, wherever I am, I will continually manifest the values instilled in my heart and soul. To always look back and be grateful to the people who explicitly became part of my life's series.

To my Parents and Family, from whom I owed my life and are reasons of my being here, thank you so much.

To Almighty God, the Master of my life and all creatures. I offer you, oh Lord our sacrifices and thanksgiving as a two-fold shadow of our love.

To the Graduates, can we answer the challenges that blanket our lives?
Don't ask what contribution others can give but what we can give to others to become better. Offer sacrifices for it bears sweet fruits, then plant for you to reap.

To everyone, thank you.

To Graduates - congratulations!"

This was the same speech I delivered when I graduated in high school. I'm glad I was able to save it from termite's attack. Phew!

This is me delivering the speech

Looking back, I realized what I am today is the result of the overflowing grace of God. Being an honor student is not only about academics, it is a total package where character and discipline plays a vital role. I always say, "I'm not matalino, masipag lang". It’s neither about what school you came from nor how famous it is, in the end it is still about you.

The person around me has greatly shaped the way I am today and helped me reach my goals. I am thankful to my professors whom I looked up to as a model and to my friends and classmates whom I've shared my qarah moments.

with my proud Nanay

You need not to be an honor student to reach your goals, as long as you possess the right character to succeed and always have your best foot forward. Being awarded and recognized is just a bonus. Do everything for the Lord because He is our rewarder.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." ~ Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

For the 2016 graduates, congratulations and all the best!

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