Thursday, September 20, 2018

#LittleManGael's Journey to a Better Vision - Part 4: The Big Day!

Congenital Cataract

Dear Gael,

Remember this day, September 17, 2018.

This day was your big day, your IOL implantation, the start of your new and better vision since you were born.

The last week of waiting for this glorious day was like the longest week for me. I was so paranoid because we need to make sure that you will not catch a cough, colds or any kind of sickness lest the operation will not push through. But I'm always reminded that if this is God's will, nothing can hinder it. Many are also praying and encouraging us to rest in God's sovereignty.

Many people are excited for you and rejoicing with us in this new milestone. Your Kuya always tells us that he is excited for the big day. The night before your operation, he initiated to pray for you.

Congenital Cataract

As your Dad accompanies you inside the Operating Room, he was reminded that God loves you more than we do. It hurts him seeing you knocked down by the anesthesia and wants to spare you as much as possible from the pain, but we know that we need to entrust you to God.

As I read your doctor's message that they will be starting in a while and they will be praying all throughout the procedure, tears fell from my eyes. I know that God is on top of this. There is fear but there is also an assurance.

Congenital Cataract

The operation was a success! Glory to God! It took less than an hour only. Your doctor explained what they did. They had a hard time with your one eye but God is our great Physician, they were able to make way to put the lens on it. I hugged her and I was like bursting into tears out of gratitude. I managed to hold it until I was in the comfort room. There, I just poured out everything, thanking the Lord for everything.

When you went back to the ward, you got very wroth and you repeatedly say, "I cannot see!". But God put you back to sleep and when you woke up again, you were much relaxed and you were able to see with one eye. You prefer to open not your other eye because of the pain.

Congenital Cataract

Congenital Cataract

One of the hardest things for a parent is knowing that there is something wrong with your child. When we first found out about your eye condition, our first response, being susceptible to human emotion and rationalization, we immediately ask God, WHY? But God said to me, "he is mine". You and your Kuya are not our own, but only lives entrusted to our care and I was embraced with His comfort. I know that He has plans for both of you and we just need to cooperate in that plan.

In the last 4 years, as we grow daily, we began to ask WHAT - what do you want us to learn, God? We are learning to wait upon the Lord, to rest in His sovereignty, to trust in Him only.

And as we were faced by the reality of your operation and expenditures, we asked God, HOW? He answered everything in His time, in His ways. 

We didn't pay for your operation, we just added very little amount because we gave a portion of the money donated for your lens as a tithe. Our Jehova-Jireh provided everything. He used different people and institutions; the people who donated for your lens, your Optha doctors, Maxicare and Philhealth. Who would have thought we will be in a private hospital this time?

What seems impossible to us was made possible by God, who is faithful. Have we decided to do it our way, we would not experience God's work and provision in this journey and the blessing of delayed gratification. As what our small group leader said, we are all part of God's body, and each one of us has a purpose, and when people respond to what the Lord is asking them to do, all glory goes to Him! 

Congenital Cataract
Before going home

On the day of your discharge from the hospital, we found out that your doctor was also going thru their own battles. We were immensely blessed because despite the storms they are going through, they still chose to joyfully serve Him. What an inspiration!

It was such a privilege to be part of #LittleManGael's journey to a better vision. We are such in awe of God's wonders, how He orchestrated everything. This is another testimony of His faithfulness to our family.

Remember this day, Gael...

We would like to thank everyone for being with us in thoughts and in prayers. We will be forever grateful to those people whom the Lord used and willingly responded to God's call. We couldn't thank each one of you enough. May the Lord return all the favor hundredfold back!

Please continue to pray for Gael's recovery and healing.
"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." ~ Hebrews 10:23 NIV

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