Monday, September 10, 2018

#LittleManGael's Journey to a Better Vision - Part 3


The night before we went back to the hospital, I prayed for a good weather. However, in the morning it was raining. Despite the weather, I left home with two boys in tow.

It was hard and I kept complaining in my mind. But I praise God because when we reached Estrella, it wasn't raining anymore. We arrived a few minutes before 9:00 AM in the hospital. I claimed the laboratory and X-ray results and praise God, I don't see anything alarming. 

We met our Optha again. She announced, that according to Philhealth, they will only cover one eye, which was not a good news. The HMO will likely be the same according to her. But we will be able to know that during admission. She said we can still pray for it to be

But our Optha.prefer doing both eyes at the same time. Otherwise, Gael would need to undergo two separate operations and having two general anesthesia will not be good for him. She said, she talked to her husband (their both Optha and her husband will do the surgery) and they agreed to do both at the same time but they will not charge Professional Fees so that in case the HMO will not cover both eyes, we don't need to cash-out a big amount of money. To lessen also the operating costs, they volunteered to bring their own materials and operating tools. They are trying to minimize the costs in order to use the HMO allotment wisely. I felt like crying in front of her but I tried to compose myself. She checked the lab results and handed us the admitting order. She said we don't have to worry about the IOL payment at this point. We can delay it in case we will have other fees to cover. She said she'll make way. 

When I shared everything to my husband, he said he was crying. We were both in awe of how the Lord is putting things in order. We were amazed, so amazed at God's favor! God is using these doctors and others to really bless us. This is all His doing.

Later, we've met the Pedia and everything went well. We have issued a clearance since all results are good. We headed next to. Medical City.for the Biometry. 


Unfortunately, the Biometry request wasn't accepted at the HMO Office, the Optha signed was not accredited. If I pay it on cash, it's a bit pricey. But the guy assisting us gave an option to have a consultation with an accredited Optha and asked for a request instead. After checking his files, we were referred to Gael's former Optha (back when we were still living in Pateros). However, my dilemma was that the Eye Center where we can have the Biometry Test will be closed by 3:00PM. 

Our queue number when we went to the room is number 9 and it was 2:00 PM already. The patient inside was in number 2. I started to become anxious but I kept praying to let us beat the time because I don't want to go back on a different day.

When the 5th Patient was called, I braved and told the secretary if we can just have a request for Biometry, with no consultation (as advised by hubby). She told me why I didn't ask upfront. Anyway, since Gael already have a record, the request was handed in a few minutes. 

We run straight back to the HMO for another approval. However, there are 5.more in the queue before my number. I tried to look for the guy who assisted us initially, but he's gone. I asked the lady next to him and she said he's on break. I told her my concern, that I need to hit the 3:00PM schedule. She asked me if I was just asked to go back and I said yes. She offered to handle my request instead. Praise God! We were able to get to the Eye Center before 3:00 PM. Gael was very cooperative and we were able to get the result afterward. 

I really thank the Lord for this day. We accomplished everything and although it wasn't smooth and easy, God made a way. We will just need to wait for our scheduled operation and praying that Gael will not catch a cough, colds or any sickness while waiting.

This day, I've seen and witnessed how God is moving and orchestrating everything. Despite my complaining and worrying. 

At night, when we were about to sleep, as I recollected what happened to us this day and how the Lord has been so, so faithful, I was just amazed. In tears, I told Gabi that I hope one day, he will be able to share with his little brother God' wondrous work in his life, how God loves our little man, Gael. 

To Him be all the glory!

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