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#LittleManGael's Journey to a Better Vision - Part 2


Last Wednesday, we went to the hospital where Gael will have his IOL Implant. I didn't wait for hubby to accompany us because he'll need at least two weeks before he can file for a vacation leave.

We met our Optha and she checked both my boys' eyes for free, yes for FREE! Praise God for generous doctors who are using their expertise in serving God! Both my kids had an eye test with their glasses on. She gave instructions and several requirements in preparation for the operation. On the other hand, she said Gabi is not color blind and his eyeglasses are still good.

We went to Pedia afterward for pre-operative clearance which is needed since he will undergo General Anesthesia. However, the Pedia said it will be better if a Pulmonologist will do the clearance. Unfortunately, the Pulmonologist in the hospital were both not covered by our HMO card. If we decide to have a consultation for a fee, the laboratory requests will not be covered also. God knows we don't have the money that is why we depend heavily on our health card.

Our Optha advised us to check with other Pedia covered by our card to see if there's one who can do the clearance instead of going to a Pulmonologist. Our Optha wants to have a Pedia in the same hospital so that in case they will be needing his/her expertise during the operation, it is easier to get in touch. We went back to the HMO Office to ask for a list of doctors under our health card.

I was given a long list (Praise God there are many of them). I checked which ones are available on that same day. After uttering a prayer to God to lead us to the right doctor, we went to the first one on the list. I knew it was past the schedule already (until 12:30NN only) and we came in her room I think past 12:30NN. But we were entertained nonetheless. And yes, she can do the clearance.

Gael was checked, few questions were asked and answered back, then we were given laboratory requests. After the blood extraction and X-ray, our last stop for the day was an Ocular Biometry. This will help us know the right size and grade for Gael's lens.

We headed straight to ProVision in Silver City and there met hubby who came from the office. However,  Gael is no longer cooperating during the test. He was a bit cranky and we had a hard time putting eye drops. We finally, managed to convince him. However, when the technician was trying to put a small tube device on his eye, that was where we really had a hard time.



It was getting late, Gael was tired, he has been out all day and I think the test is not suitable for kids as young as him. The technician admitted it will be their first time to try it on a kid. The tube he is trying to put in the eye will suppose to make a scan. But imagine the discomfort because it needs to be in your eye for a minute to complete a scan. There's also a danger of scratching the surface of the eye if Gael will be forced. So, definitely, no forcing.

We did everything we could to convince Gael, bribed him, but all didn't work. Our Optha said she can just use his old Biometry test result and make the necessary adjustments. We still have an option to do the Biometry via non-contact in Medical City.


After we left the clinic, I noticed Gabi crying and I called on his Dad to talk to him. He said he cried because he was so stressed because Gael doesn't want to cooperate.

I am not a very emotional person and sometimes it makes me irritated seeing him crying like that. I am not proud of this and I am praying that God will change me and give me a compassionate heart. Thankfully, hubby was with us. He is very intentional and he handles situations like this well. My husband comforted him and acknowledged his feelings. He explained that it's inconvenient for Gael to do the test and if he will put himself in his shoe it's really difficult and we need to understand that. This was another magic moment for them and I affirmed Romel for what he did because honestly, I cannot do it calmly. After they talked, I put my arm around Gabi and told him God has other plans. Few minutes past and he is back to his usual self.

Although the Biometry was not a success, I praise God for this day, His guidance and protection in our errands. He is on top of everything and we rejoice for what we have accomplished. We will be back in the hospital to get the lab results. Continue to pray with us that all results will be favorable.

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