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MEGA Sports Camp 2016

What is MEGA Sports Camp?

MEGA Sports Camp is a church-led, volunteer-friendly evangelistic event that engages kids 6 to 13 years old while teaching them biblical principles. It is an interactive and fun summer event where kids don't just sit and listen to someone talk about the Bible. They have a chance to play a fun sport, like basketball, while learning biblical principles. (Visit the Facebook Page here).

During stretching and warm-up

MEGA Sports Camp is about sports.

Kids who are involved in sports are healthier physically and emotionally.

Participating in sports builds kids' confidence and teaches them to work with others. MEGA Sports Camp helps kids increase their athletic abilities in a chosen sport through drills and lots of encouragement. MEGA Sports Camp also teaches teamwork and sportsmanship.

You can help encourage your child's progress by asking what he has learned at each camp session.

MEGA Sports Camp is about life.

Talk about the MEGA Points your child is learning.

At MEGA Sports Camp, kids not only learn about sports, kids also learn important skills that will help them in life. Kids are encouraged to make choices in life that will help them grow up to become healthy, happy people. The camp theme, Get Ready, is reinforced with daily MEGA Points that teach kids how they can be winners in the game of life.

Get Ready 

MEGA Sports Camp helps kids realize God has a plan for their life with these MEGA Points.

1. Prepare
Get ready, the game is coming.

2. Focus
Get ready to focus on the game.

3. Encourage
Get ready to encourage your teammates.

Get ready to change the game.

5. Influence
Get ready to influence the win.

There are also FREE WORKSHOPS available for parents/guardians during the week of the camp. 

Addressing the Dark Influences in Your Child Today
Benjie and Pynky Magsino

Effective Communication
Dr. Agnes "Aggie" Sarthou

Zumba Time
Kristine Marie "Pepper" Angeles-Lozada

Child Stress: Understanding and Preventing
Ruth Ann Ruivivar

Faith and Strength in Adversity: Parenting Opportunities Through Sports
Dr. Ma. Luisa Guinto-Adviento

Imagine, not only the kids are learning but also the parents! Although I’m not able to complete the entire week of workshops (since hubby needs to take over), I was able to attend some meaty talks and learned a lot from it.

It was our second year attending this camp where my son is playing street soccer. We attended the Batch 2 which runs from April 25-29, 2016.

Parents were invited to join the kids on their final day at camp where parents can experience the camp themselves and enjoy it in the presence of their kids. There was a meet and greet with the coaches and volunteers at the Rally Stage before the game started. We also met MEGA, the mascot.

It was a joy watching our son and seeing a lot of improvements in his character. He is more focused now and determined to win. Last year, he's not really serious about winning. In fact, he will only run after the ball when it's near him and he will let his teammates do most of the work. There are also times where he looked a bit lost inside the court. But I praised God for his improvements!

GAME 1: Goal Keeper

GAME 2: Striker

He also developed friendship and camaraderie with his team. He loves them and gets along well with everyone.

For God's Glory!

Sharing his fries with the team while waiting for the next game
Although he felt sad when they lose the championship game, we assured him that it's OK as long as he did his best for God, win or lose. Well, it's not really a lost since their team won the first runner up!

1st Runner Up - Team Euri
with his Coach Euri
While these may be little improvements, we chose to celebrate on the little things. We chose to look at the important lessons the sports has provided on his personal values, how it helped him in dealing with winning and losing, that things are not going to go their way, or the team's way, all the time.

We will definitely be joining again next year. My son said he wants to try handball next year. We'll see..

Proud Daddy

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, ~ 1 Peter 3:15

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