Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Horrible Histories Obsession

When I introduced Gabi to Horrible Histories this school year, he got so hooked with it. He would watch the video series over and over again. He likes the horrible facts and enjoyed singing songs.

When he asked me to print him some lyrics so he could memorize it, I asked him to find words that he doesn't know the meaning and we looked it up in the dictionary. We made a list of Vocabulary Words with its meaning. We also identified the names of people mentioned in the lyrics and googled how they look like. 

Vocabulary Words

One of his favorites from the Horrible Histories is the Terrible Tudors. We searched for a good article online and studied the Tudor Times to satisfy him. We also made a lapbook as our output for this lesson.

Cover Page
Grid Line Portrait of Henry VIII
Get the Free Tudor Lapbook here.

What I like about Horrible Histories is the way it presents history in a very fun way. It is stuffed with true, horrible facts from the past! What a great way to enjoy History without getting bored!

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