Monday, August 12, 2019

AmblesideOnline Year 4

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. - Abigail Adams 

We're finally done with AmblesideOnline Year 4, Grade 6 and our 5th year of homeschooling!

Charlotte Mason PH
books on his lap are his favorites, Narnia is on top

I am so thankful to God for another year and for bringing us this far in our journey. I always say we couldn't do it without His grace to sustain us. It's not always good days in this journey, there are bad days too - we all have them! But His grace is always sufficient for us. Each year is a testament of God's faithfulness and I'm always amazed at how He provided for our needs and sustained us until the end. He who promised is faithful, indeed.

Here's a glimpse of our school year in pictures. Enjoy!

Charlotte Mason PH
notebooks, journals, sketches, paintings and flower press
Charlotte Mason PH
Book of Centuries

Charlotte Mason PH
different maps

Here's our portfolio:

You can view our handicrafts for this year here:

Finger Knitting


We have many highlights for this year, Gabi has been improving in many ways. He improved with his nature journaling, see his example here. I've seen him wrote his longest and neatest written narration thus far:

Charlotte Mason PH

I can still remember how reluctant he is when it comes to writing and how he dreaded doing so (this was before we embraced the Charlotte Mason Method). Recently, he made a typed letter for his friend and we were just amazed at it. Another CM win for our family!

Charlotte Mason PH

Celebrating another homeschool milestone

We don't have typical graduation because we are independently homeschooling. But here's how we celebrated this new milestone; we went to KidSports at Glorietta Branch and got Gabi a new pair of shoes. It's our gift for his hard work, read about it here. We were also blessed to watch The Lion King, which was sponsored by their Grandmabels (my Nanay).

Charlotte Mason PH

Charlotte Mason PH

What's next?

Gabi's Elementary Education includes:

  • Nursery - Grade 1: Conventional School
  • Grades 2 - 4: Homeschooling with Homeschool Global
  • Grade 5-6 - Independent Homeschooling
It is our desire to continue homeschooling until Grade 12, Lord willing. You can read here why we homeschool and would want to continue doing so.

This September, we will continue with Independent Homeschooling using the same generous curriculum of Charlotte Mason/AmblesideOnline. I'll have two homeschoolers by then, my #LittleManGael will be joining us. So, I'll have AO Year 5 and AO Year 0.

The next year 2020, we will also enroll in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) for Gabi's elementary certification and to seal his grade schooling.

May the Lord direct our paths and continue to guide us in this journey.

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