Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sibling Love

Sibling Love

My boys are sometimes like a cat and a dog. They argue, they shout at each other and they fight (thank God not physically) just like siblings would usually do. But they like to be with each other and they love one another.

We have three rules at home: obey, respect, and always tell the truth. We got that from our Pastors in CCF and we decided to embrace the same rules, years back. If they break any of these, there will be a consequence. We do spanking and sometimes natural logical consequence especially for the eldest. We are using a butt-friendly spanking rod for our tot which was sold at our Church.

There was this one morning, Gael threw his tantrums and disobeyed his Dad. Gael was about to be disciplined when his Kuya hurriedly rushed to the room to say something to his Dad but he was advised to put it off for later after disciplining Gael.

After that his Dad found Gabi lying on the couch with his face buried on the pillows, he asked him what's wrong. Gabi, in between sobs said, "It was too late na kasi, Gael was already disciplined."  His Dad asked why and he said, "I was, sana, would wash the dishes as consequence instead of Gael". His puzzled Dad clarified what he meant. Gabi wants to take Gael's place and take the consequence (we use house chores as consequence).

As parents, we were so touched by this simple selfless act. Although he wasn't able to take his brother's consequence, It's enough to show his love to his little brother. Which then reminds us of the ultimate sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus when he took the penalty of our sins at the cross of Calvary. God displayed His unconditional love, while we were still sinners, He died for us (Romans 5:8). What an amazing grace!

When we were praying for the gender of our second baby, my husband and I prayed for a girl but Gabi wanted a boy so he can have a playmate. We always remind him that God listens to our prayers and Gael is the answer to one of those.

They are not perfect siblings but we are praying that they will be best buds. After all, they are God's gift to each other.

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