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Our Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar Experience

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

We had a free dinner for two at Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar last April after winning in a raffle hosted by We Want Workshops. So, this is a long overdue blog post, bear with me please (hehehe). We Want Workshops took care of everything, we just needed to set the schedule and show up.

"Bipolar, apparently, is a description of a person who has a Manic Depressive Illness -- someone who feels very happy at one moment and then suddenly becomes depressed."

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar (VGIB) is located in Maginhawa St. Sikatuna, Quezon City. We arrived the place on the scheduled date. At first, we didn't notice the signage, it was small and a bit hidden, so we needed to ask for it.

A mysterious looking door greeted us. Before entering, we were obliged to take off our footwear. You can either go barefoot or on socks. Then, we were escorted to the table reserved just for us.

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

In VGIB, self-service is encouraged. Hence, we filled up our order sheet. You can indicate in the slip your allergies (if there's any). There's also an option for Heat (you can go for non-spicy, medium spicy or omg spicy). You can select your diet which has a corresponding mood meter. We got Experience which costs Php 999 per head which comes with bottomless mood tea.

We went to the kitchen window and ring the bell loudly and hand the order sheet to the person at the window, we were advised to read the House Rules so we know what to do and not to do here. We were also handed a black book which serves as a guide on how to have a full experience of the Van Gogh.

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

The Place

While waiting for our food, we amused ourselves by the various collections we saw. The place is a house, turned restaurant with an enchanted theme. It is not too spacious and can accommodate few guests only. Each table has its unique design. Paintings can be seen all over the place and as well as different artifacts.

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

The Mood-Altering Diet

The Mood-Altering Diet is created by Jethro Vin Rafael (also the owner of the resto). It serves as an alternative/homeopathic medicine for his bipolar condition. It is designed to relieve stress, anger, and depression, that's why the diet is known to make you happy and calm.

Soup and Appetizer
Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Axl Rose's Egg Shot

Axl Rose's Egg shot is submerged in hot water for 5 minutes and served in an eggshell. It has honey mustard or black sauce. 

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Buko Juice

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Soup of the day

I was hesitant to try the Axl Rose Egg Shot at first, but after explaining the benefits, I eventually agreed. Meg, who was assisting us that time gave us some tips on how to drink it. The soup served to us (I forgot the name) has chicken strips, basil, and other edible plants. The taste is similar to a goto

Main Dish

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Pescetarian - Fish Based
Mood Meter: Happy

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Carnivore - Meat-Based
Mood Meter: Calm

I love how these dainty dishes were served. I got the fish while hubby ordered the chicken. It has black rice and some edible, organic plants on the side to help you feel happy and calm. 


Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Marilyn Monroe Home-made Ice Candy

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar
Mel Gibson's Darkest Sin

Mel Gibson's Darkest Sin - a shot of absinthe with melted dark chocolate, dried walnut and almonds with wild honey

I did not try the absinthe but I ate the chocolate. Yum! 

Mood Tea

You can also have some Mood Tea, you can make your own tea here and the directions are posted. Mood tea is the house specialty of VGIB. It has different mood varieties to choose from. We were not able to try this because we were already full, but this is something that we look forward to when we revisit the place.

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Self-healing Rituals

Aside from the food, they also offer a self-healing rituals good for the mind, body, and soul. Hubby tried the Science of Breathing, this is where you breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth, you can find the instructions in the guide. It says mindful breathing helps you focus and treats depression, anxieties, and other mental dysfunctions.

They also have different stations like Alkalizing thy Body Station, Healing Station, Healing Table, Dark Room, Red Wall and Healing Garden.

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Overall, it was a unique experience for us. We were not able to try all the healing stations but we enjoyed the food. Although nothing special with the taste, the fact that you are eating organic food plus the benefits of it, this is something you would want to try. Thanks, VGIB and We Want Workshops for this magical dining adventure!

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar

Vincent van Gogh is Bipolar is more than just a cafe. it is a mood-healing sanctuary. a safe haven when you are feeling depressed, stressed, agitated or just having a bad hair day. Check their Facebook page here for more details.

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