Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Life Updates

At last! I'm finally back online, phew! I've been without the internet since we transferred to our house in Cavite. Since then, there has been a lot of changes going on.

For today, I'm excited to share what's keeping us up and about for these past months.

Life Updates

Full-Time Mom

Finally, God answered my heart's desire to go full time! It took a lot of faith and courage for my husband to finally made this decision for the family and my heart wells with gratitude. It was a major decision for us and our eldest son was involved in this. Although it was sad to leave my home-based job, I am immensely blessed that I can now focus on managing the home as a wife, mother, and teacher to my kids.

Our Humble Abode

Last Holy Week, we transferred to Cavite. There are a lot of fears and worries at first, but knowing that God is in control, we rest our cares to Him. We were finally settled and was able to adjust. I got busy planting our yard and enjoyed it so much, it brings a lot of my memory from childhood. I'm happy that we can have our nature study just in front of our house! 

Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way

After much consideration and with the help of my dear friend Jona, we finally went Charlotte Mason Method. When I was introduced to CM last 2015 by another Sister, I found it daunting and overwhelming. I eased in some riches but didn't really go all the way. Back then, there were no support groups and it was hard implementing it when you are alone. I was drawn to Ambleside Online Curriculum and I'm glad I have a go-to person in case I have questions. Also, recently, there was a Charlotte Mason PH Facebook group created. We started AO Year 1 and currently on Term 3. I'll talk more about that in the coming days.

On Spiritual Growth

Husband and I joined a recovery program in CCF, Glorious Hope. It helps people deal with personal issues by gradually uncovering deeply buried childhood hurts that greatly affect how we view ourselves, others, our circumstances and how we behave. We are learning so much from this program and we are now entering the third month. God also gave us our first Dgroup Member and as of writing, we are now disciplining two couples, by God's grace! 

There has been a lot of things going on that drifted me away from blogging. But I'm happy to be able to blog once in a while, thanks for staying with me! God bless.

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