Saturday, March 18, 2017

Is it Safe to Breastfeed when Pregnant?

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Is it Safe to Breastfeed when Pregnant?

Many moms get pregnant while still breastfeeding. This happens for several reasons. Sometimes, couples want their children to be close when it comes to their age so they decide to get pregnant again when the baby is a bit older. Others have unexpected pregnancy but gladly take it as a blessing while the mother still breastfeeds her toddler.

Whatever the reason is, breastfeeding while pregnant is perfectly fine. There are myths that say breastfeeding while pregnant isn’t safe and can cause the mother at risk of miscarriage – there is no medical evidence for that. However, moms may experience a little challenge while breastfeeding during pregnancy such as nipple sensitivity during the early pregnancy, which can cause sensitivity while breastfeeding.

When you plan to continue to breastfeed while pregnant, remember that you have to work on your diet to make sure your body produces the nutrients that both your toddler and your unborn baby need since you’re now caring for three. It is important to stay hydrated by drinking 8-12 glasses a day.

Doctors say that when a woman is pregnant, her milk taste changes due to the production of colostrum. This can either make the toddler like your milk even more or the complete opposite that will lead your toddler to wean from breastfeeding on his own.

If you are uncertain of what to do, it is still best to talk to your doctor about it.

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