Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Ariel100StainsIn1Wash Challenge

Ariel Powder Gel

Ariel is a concentrated detergent that gives you better stain removal in one wash versus twice the powder.

It has optimized its formulation which contains a higher level of active ingredients and smart enzymes.

The power of every wash leads to a worry-free laundry experience, allowing women to have more time for other things. Ariel's laundry detergent comes in both powder (Ariel Sunrise Fresh) and gel form (Ariel Powder Gel).

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I'm one of the Moms who accepted the Ariel 100 Stains in 1 Wash Challenge. I tried the Ariel Powder Gel and I'd like to share with you the video of the test:

If you are not convinced with the result, you can try it yourself at home and share how it goes.

Thanks Mommy Mundo for sending the test kit. Special thanks also to my Videographer/Editor, my ever supportive husband, Romel.

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