Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 Highlights

Happy New Year Everyone!

2016 Highlights

To kick-off my year, I just want to look back and have a rundown of our 2016 highlights. We don't do New Year's resolution but we want to thank God for His goodness this past year. So, let's start!

1. Becoming Dgroup Leaders. This is one of my answered prayers. In obedience to the greatest commission to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:19), Dad finally step-up! Although God is not yet giving us members, I'm so proud of hubby for making this big decision.

2. CCF Football Club. We started praying for a football club with affordable rates eversince Gabi showed interest in football. God did not fail us and He gave us CCF Football Club. Gabi is now an active member of this group.

My 2016 Highlights

3. I quit my position and the corporate job. I worked as a Supervisor in an ITO Company and decided to leave so we can focus more on our kids and homeschooling. It was a tough decision for our family but I have no regrets at all. You can read more about this leap of faith here.

4. Goodbye, helper. Our helper (who's also my Tita) for more than 5 years bid farewell to take care of her own granddaughter. She's not getting any younger and she's getting sick during her last few days of serving us. Although it was hard, we took this opportunity to be hands-on with the kids and at home.

My 2016 Highlights

5. Blogging. I was able to finally start blogging. When I created this site way back 2014, I wasn't really committed to doing this. Staying at home gave me the opportunity to take it seriously. I was able to join some events and meet new friends. Blogging has been a blessing to me and my family.

6. Homeschool Coop. We finally started our mini coop. Mini because it is currently composed of 3 families as of writing. We are also praying for new members in our group. Our coop has been a blessing to us in so many ways. 

Here's our coop's year-end celebration:

7. Home based job. God blessed me with a home based job. Since we cannot afford single income, I still need to help the husband to alleviate our finances. I was initially looking for a night shift job so I can still homeschool in the morning, but God's plan is better. We adjusted our homeschool schedule, so now, I'm enjoying my mid-shift. No more graveyard shifts.

8. New Cars and Business for Nanay. Although these are not ours, we celebrate and rejoice with our Nanay. Dad is the one managing it and we are thankful for his servant heart.

9. 3 years of homeschooling. Year after year I always thought of giving up, but as I was always reminded that this is our calling, we still go on and allow God to carry us through it. As you know, homeschooling is not easy and I'm grateful to God because He has been my strength and enabler. Read more here about our journey.

10. New work for Dad. Hubby and I used to work in the same company. He also resigned from his position and got a new job with a better workload and better schedule. We can now sleep together at night and enjoy holidays off with the kids.

These are the major highlights of our past year and we are thankful to God for leading our path and guiding us along the way. There's just so much to thank God about. It may not be a smooth and easy year because of a lot of adjustments, but our God is faithful. He never leave us and He is with us all the time.

As we face this New Year 2017, we keep our focus on God and trust Him to lead us. We may not know what lies ahead, but God knew. For me, that is enough. We want to start this year with an expectant heart. We're excited about what God has in store for us this year!

Share your 2016 highlights by leaving a comment below. Have a blessed New Year ahead!

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