Saturday, October 30, 2021

Blog Update


After some hiatuses! I'm glad to be back to my first home, BLOGSPOT! 

Earlier this year I transitioned from Blogger to WordPress without considering my blog's Page Views. I lost those days, months, and years of hard work since starting to blog in 2016. Huhu. 

It was a negligence I guess on my part and I was really sad after realizing it. I was trying to convince myself that It doesn't matter anyway.. or so I thought. 

Things changed this October when my WordPress blog was suspended due to malware issues. My option was to pay my hosting provider for malware removal. 

But this gave me a chance to transfer the domain to another provider so I could go back to blogger.

BlogSpot to WordPress
BlogSpot to WordPress - In Memory

So, I bid my WordPress goodbye, including all my 2021 Blog Posts. Although, I do love my theme and the look made by Bernify (she's awesome!). My heart is over the moon going back!

I'm still in the process of fixing broken links and photos but every day is a progress and I hope to be able to write more soon! 


  1. Love to see more from you ... Real good content and I'm sure really interesting and informative

  2. I love this maam,this is good waiting for this ,❤️

  3. Wow im so curious and excited for your next blog.
    Looking forward to read more blogs from you.
    So happy to see you back in blog spot😍🤗

  4. Saddening naman po yung nangyari sa malware issues. Mejo nakakahinayang pero God has plans. I'm looking forward for your incoming blogs po.

    1. Uu nga eh, pero t leat nasa blogger na ako ulit.

  5. Wow im glad po okay na ang blog site nyo po . Nkaka excite po ung mga blog nyo 😍❤️

  6. Everything has a Reason po talaga Nay Eve, And everything in God's Hands,
    Looking Forward na Po kami sa Mga This Coming Blog Mo po, and we're always
    Here To support You ..