Friday, August 4, 2017

#LittleManGael Talks Version 2


Here's another ramblings from my 3yo, second born. In case you missed the first version, you can read it here.

Gael: (Holding Mickey Mouse stuffed toy) Mickey Mouse doesn't have hair?
Dad: Yeah.
Gael: Ninong Rolly doesn't have hair?
Dad: 😂😂😂
Dad explained that he (Ninong Rolly) actually have short hair. So yesterday...
Mom: (Seeing Gael stretching the pony tail) Gael, No. I'm using that to tie my hair.
Gael: I'll tie my hair.
Mom: You have short hair.
Gael: Like Ninong Rolly, short hair?
Mom: Yeah.


Gael: Mommy Dede
Mom: Kuya, can you buy him Milo kay Kuya Boyet? He doesn't have dede.
Gael: Jesus, give money and I pray.
Mom: 😇😇😇


Mom: (Upon hearing the baby from the other house crying) Oh, the baby is crying.
Gael: Because he does not obey?
Mom: 😱😱😱


Gael: Oh, the fan is here?
Mom: Yeah, it's broken.
Gael: It go down?
Mom: Yeah, you bumped it.
Gael: We'll buy electric fan?
Mom: Oh no, we don't have money.
Gael: I pray.
Mom: OK, you pray.
Gael: (Bowed his head, clasp his hands and prayed)

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