Friday, November 18, 2016

Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0: Three Things I Wish I Would Have Done

Last November 5, 2016, I attended another Blogapalooza event. This is the second for this year and my second time attending as well. My first ever Blogapalooza was held at Elements Centris. This time it was held at Novotel Hotel in Cubao.
Let me share with you Three Things I Wish I Would Have Done during this event.

#1. I wish I wear sunblock

I arrived at the venue around 11:00 AM. I didn't expect it to be in an open space. We were directed to Versailles Garden, 6th floor of Novotel. It was in the poolside area and I came unprepared. Huhuhu. I didn't put on any sun protection, poor skin. Lol.

Anyhow, It didn't stop me from checking the different booths. I was so eager to finish early because I have another commitment in the afternoon.

Blogapalooza 2.0

#2. I wish I pay more attention to the talks.

There was a separate venue for the talk which is in the plenary hall. I think I came inside twice only. There were insightful talks from different influential people, some I really don't recognize (I'm just new to blogging so bear with me here, hehe). I was able to listen to some of them and it was really helpful to us. I wish I could really sit there and listen to the entire talk.

Blogapalooza 2.0
Mafae Yunon Belasco
There were segments wherein different brands got the chance to plug their products and services. There were also fun games and raffle prizes. We've met good companies and we are hoping to collaborate with them in the future.

#3. I wish I stay until the end.

I would really want to finish the entire event. If not for the commitment I had, I would prefer to stay until the big reveal. I hope next year I'll be able to do it.

Photo from Neri of
Here are some of my favorite brands: SkinStation, ChemWorld, MyCure, Microtel, ShapeCloud, VR House and My Marianas. We were treated with snacks and refreshments by San Mig Food Ave, Vitamin Boost, Taisho and Musli Biscuits during the event.

Blogapalooza 2.0

Thanks to Blogapalooza! It was a pleasure being part of this event. I had fun though it was for a short time only. See you next year!

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