Monday, September 7, 2020

Preschool Math Curriculum

Teaching Math may look like a daunting task for us, parent educators. But I'm glad that with Charlotte Mason's Method, it's more of mental arithmetic and oral work at this stage.

Charlotte Mason PH

The formal arithmetic lesson begins at six years of age. So, when Gael turned 6, I started teaching him some math concepts, following Charlotte Mason's basic principles of short lessons.

Here's the curriculum we've used in rotation: Cuisenaire Rods, Origami, and Arithmetic for Young:

Cuisenaire Rods

We've covered these Preschool and Kindergarten Concepts using Cuisenaire Rods, thanks to EducationUnboxed.Com:

– Introducing Teen Numbers – Part One
– Learning Numerals
– Introducing Teen Numbers – Part Two
– Teaching Place Value
– Shorter, Longer…
– Single Color Trains
– Counting On
– Odd & Even Numbers

Charlotte Mason PH

Charlotte Mason PH


I bought a simple origami book years back for my eldest but I was able to use it to my second born. At first, I showed him how to do it. So, I did most of the folds until little by little he gained confidence and was able to make outputs on his own.

Charlotte Mason PH

Charlotte Mason PH

Arithmetic For Young

This was a recommended book by Gina of Our Living Learning. We used this for oral math using different manipulatives at home. You can watch how we use it here:

So there, we were not able to finish the book Arithmetic For Young and I am planning to continue with it on our next school year.

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