Monday, August 17, 2020

Teach Your Child to Read

Teach Your Child to Read

Let me share with you how to teach your child to read. This is what I did to my preschooler and it works for us.

After much contemplation, I decided not to use a reading curriculum for my preschooler. This is after mustering all the courage I have. Well, I'm not very confident without a curriculum. But I chose to trust the Charlotte Mason process of teaching him in a gentle, natural way.

We did letter recognition and phonics earlier on. We read aloud living books almost every day. Then we level up to word building and sight words.

In this video, we will show you how we do Word Building:

Here is how we do Sight Words based on Simply Charlotte Mason.

Sight Words - PART 1:

Sight Words - PART 2:

We rejoice as our #LittlestManGael is officially reading from a book! Another CM win for our family! 

It was a blessing and a privilege as a Mom to be able to witness and assist in this new milestone of our 6 yo. I know this is not the earliest age a child can learn how to read (my eldest learned at age 4 in a conventional school). But this is a completely different approach to what we grew up with, back in the old days.

At first, I doubted if I'll be able to teach him how to read or if I'm capable to do it. I asked myself what if he will not learn soon? Or worst what if he will never learn to read at all? You know all those questions.. I was panic-stricken and I almost got myself a reading curriculum to aid and guide me in doing so. But I have to remind myself several times that the key here is not to hurry, don't push, and just take our time. Most importantly, to trust the method. 

With Charlotte Mason-style reading lessons, it wasn't difficult at all, no fuss and definitely no tears. You don't even need those expensive curriculums in the market. It's very natural that I just woke up one day and heard my #LittleManGael reading by himself. My Momma ❤️ is so happy and I praise God for this wonderful opportunity to educate my brood.

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