Thursday, July 2, 2020

Shapewear to Save the Day!

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It's been 8 months since I gave birth to my third child. Although, I'm over the postpartum period and my body returns to a non-pregnant state. It seems my postpartum belly just doesn't seem to go away. Haha. I'm sure some moms can relate to me. 

Although I resolved to go back to exercising and dancing like I used to and shed some pounds off, I'm just too busy about motherhood that I care less about it anymore. Taking care of my little men and the house chores seem to drain all my energy. Besides, since we started our baby-led journey and as I began to prepare meals for my #LittlestManGadi, my love for baking rekindled. And thus, we enjoy eating sweet treats every now and then.

Good thing I don't need to worry about bulging tummy anymore. ShapeWear is here to save the day! Shapewear has become one of the essential wardrobe collections for women these days. The best full body shapewear offers a lot of benefits from helping the body to contour, to achieving that figure that will best compliment your dress. 


Dark Complexion 3/4 Sleeve Zip Open Bust Shapewear Top Slimmer

At some point in our mommy's life, we want to feel like Cinderella and to look at our best. But most of the time our Mommy tummy could be an issue, agree? I remember wearing a long dress at a friend's wedding. It was a really nice dress except that I look pregnant because of my.... oh well, tummy! I promised not to wear that dress anymore. But everything changed until I learned about shapewear from another friend of mine. Since then, I don't fear to bring out that old long dress for an upcoming formal event. I don't fret wearing a cheap mini dress because I know now how to feel confident and put-together, thanks to shapewear!

Enchanting Orange Flower Paint Hollow Out Mini Dress

How about you? Share your shapewear story in the comments below!

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