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My 2019 Highlights

2019 Highlights

I've been on a hiatus mode for months now as we are still trying to get our stride with the new addition to our family. It was tough at first with all the adjustments, but it's getting better each day. So, I'm starting this new year with our previous year's highlights.

Burnt Clutch

My 2019 HighlightsAn unfortunate thing happened while we were on the way to Alfonso, Cavite to visit our friends after celebrating the New Year in my father-in-law. We were directed by Waze to "Sungay" which our friends warned us not to go by that route due to the steep road. Our car's clutch got burnt in one of the steep roads and it stopped moving. Hubby has no option but to maneuver downwards. Good thing there's no car behind us. However, we were stuck in the middle of the road with no houses nearby. We were all in panicked, especially our little man, Gael. I encouraged everyone to pray and led them to pray. 

To make the long story short, we got help from a jeepney driver who pulled our car down to the nearest vulcanizing shop. We have no option but to go back to my father-in-law to stay for another night. We spent a whopping Php14,000 for all the repairs and services rendered during this incident. What a way to start the year!

Despite all these, we are grateful that no one got hurt and the owner of the vulcanizing shop was very kind to us. They even offered us snacks and their house in case we have no place to stay for the night! The car got fixed after a day and we headed home safely.

My 2019 Highlights
CGM Journey
I started my Curly Girl Method after Gica, a sister in Christ encouraged me to join Curly Girl Philippines Facebook Group. I've learned so much from this community when it comes to taking care of my hair. Although I was not consistent with the method, especially when I got pregnant, the result of it was amazing! I still battle with frizz and my curls don't stay long. But I know that this requires patience after all the damages I caused my hair. This year, I am meaning to be more intentional with the routine and I'll be trying other products to see which works best for my hair. 

You can read more about my curly journey here.

Third Baby

We got pregnant with our third baby. God has blessed us with another baby boy and he has been a source of joy to the entire family. It was an unplanned pregnancy but we knew with God, it isn't.

My pregnancy journey was smooth and easy as I prayed it to be and we saw the hand of God every step of the way. Read more about my pregnancy journey here.

LCHF diet

We were introduced to the LCFH diet, meaning reduce carbs and increase fats diet. Hubby and I decided to plunge to it. We started cutting off carbs in our diet, increase fats and totally eliminated rice. A boiled egg has been a staple in our diet. Although we were doing the dirty LC (by dirty means, not solely), the result was great! I was able to reach 56 kg in my entire pregnancy (from 45 kg pre-pregnancy weight). I don't really want to gain a lot while pregnant since I was aiming for VBAC delivery. On the other hand, hubby lost 10 kg in just 1 month!

Today, we still don't eat rice to maintain our current weight. In my case, I still need to lose 4 kgs to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Although, we are still hoping to do a pure LCHF diet in the future.


This year, I was back to working from home. I'm blessed to have two part-time jobs. I got hired as an Online English Teacher, then, later on, became an Assessor. At the same time, I got my very first job in Upwork as a Customer Service Support (email support) after many attempts and proposals! I'm so grateful that my pregnancy did not become a hindrance for me to get a job.

After giving birth, we decided that I quit my Online Teaching so I can focus on one part-time job while at the same time taking care of my newborn.

Serving in NextGen Sports

Gabi had the opportunity to serve in Nextgen Sports. What a joy seeing him serving alongside his loving and supportive coaches and mentors in football. We are thankful to them for allowing him to experience the joy of serving God.

I pray that Gabi will live a life centered on service to God; that he will have the right attitude and most importantly, the right heart when it comes to service; that he will always remember that it’s more than just serving others; it’s loving them.

Leaving the ministry

I previously shared that I had to leave the dance ministry I was involved in. It was difficult because I really love to dance ever since and the ministry is very dear to me. Nonetheless, I am grateful to God and to Saints Dance Ministry for all the lessons and experiences. Though it was a shortstop, I've learned a lot from them. Not just in terms of dancing but more so, in my spiritual journey. I am blessed by the weekly devotions and it's one of the things I always look forward to. It was so humbling to be accountable to people younger than me. Most of the time, I feel like they are more mature Christians.

I received an MVP award last #SDMTeambuilding2019. Honestly, I wasn't really able to contribute much on the team (preggo problem) but sometimes by simply being there and cheer for the team makes a big difference. Thanks, SDM!

Homeschool milestone

We finished 6th grade this year. We don't have a typical graduation because we are independently homeschooling. But we have a simple celebration for our eldest: we went to KidSports at Glorietta Branch and got him a new pair of shoes. It's our gift for his hard work. We were also blessed to watch The Lion King, which was sponsored by their Grandmabels (my Nanay).

We are now homeschooling our eldest as 7th grader and #LittleManGael is officially homeschooling too as a Preschooler! Nothing formal for the little man yet, everything will be informal learning through play. My priorities for him: working on good habits and providing a variety of good ideas.

Thankfully this year also, we've witnessed him attempt reading. I'm amazed to see him read several words now even without formal lessons. It's proof of a young child's ability to learn and discover things on their own. All the more we need not hurry academics at an early age.

VBAC Delivery

My gentle birth story was a whole new experience not just for me but for my entire family. It wasn't easy but It was worth it, something that we will cherish forever. I felt like a first-timer Mom after all the experience, it was so surreal. It was a failed Water Birth, but it was a successful VBAC by God's grace. More of that here.

Breastfeeding Journey

My 2019 Highlights
I've been exclusively breastfeeding my son ever since he was born. This is a dream come true for me. The journey was not easy, though I thought it was. I experienced different breastfeeding problems such as breast engorgement, blebs, and bleeding nipples. Every time I feed my little one, I would suffer excruciating pain. I even feared when he latches on me. But all these I endured because I want to give the best to my child.

With my first two boys, I wasn't successful with breastfeeding due to a lack of support and knowledge. Thankfully, I prepared myself to this by reading from the Breastfeeding Pinays Community. It helped me to be equipped with what to expect and what to do. I'm also blessed to get encouragement from friends who successfully breastfed their kids. My husband was very supportive of my decisions and he has been a great help to me.

I'm glad I didn't give up, though a lot of times I wanted to. Now, we are enjoying this bonding time. It's so fulfilling every time my #LittlestManGadi look me in the eyes and smile at me as if to say, "Thank you".


I've been praying for an opportunity for my kids to be able to use their skills and talents. This year, we are so happy to be part of another Football Club. The best thing is, it is just free and it is within our subdivision! They have regular practice on weekdays and since it is just within our location, we don't need to worry about traveling.

Our family is looking forward to more tournaments with the team!

Small Business

Finally, we were able to launch our custom woodworking services. I've mentioned here that hubby loves woodworking and finally, he is taking it one step further. We are starting on small custom made projects and eventually, we are praying that we will be able to do mass production and sell online.

We are so blessed by the overflowing support of our friends and family. You can visit our page here.

Drum Lesson and Recitals
My 2019 Highlights
Last 2018, Gabi told us he wants to serve in the Praise and Worship at NxtGen Ministry by playing the piano. So, we had him auditioned for it. Unfortunately, he didn't make it since he needs to master chords first, he is more attuned to reading notes. Little did we know that his interest will shift to playing drums.

Earlier this year, he started watching YouTube tutorials. Since we have no drum set, he would practice using buckets and pots that we have.

Thankfully, NxtGen opened Kids Serve Music Class. We enrolled him in drum lessons. At home, Gabi would practice by listening to the song while hitting the air with sticks. At first, I thought it doesn't make sense, but he was able to memorize a song by just doing that. Finally, hubby made him a drum pad made of wood and pipes.

We are so happy and blessed watching him during the recitals. We are so proud of our Kuya! We praise God for the gift of music and for granting his desire to finally serve (though just for the recitals). Truly, God's rejection is a redirection, from piano to drums.

We pray that he will have the opportunity to really use his gifts in service to God and to others.

Every year, the Lord never fails to surprise us. I thank Him for all the trials and triumphs of 2019. We are embracing whatever opportunities the Lord will open up this 2020. As we are praying for direction and whatever He wants us to prioritize this new year, may we always have a humble and expectant heart. 

Happy New Year to you!

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