Friday, February 22, 2019

Finger Puppets Narration

We started reading the actual plays of Shakespeare this school year and my son decided he wants to change the way he does his narration for this particular book.

Finger Puppets

He decided to make finger puppets just like Joseph Hoffman (his online piano teacher). Hoffman usually has a puppet show every after his piano lesson and my boys liked it so well.

Finger Puppets

Since we have no felt paper available, he used whatever materials we have. He tried using a cloth but didn't like the result so he ended up with colored papers. He drew all the faces and decided on their clothes based on the character.

Since the actual Shakespeare book is more of a dialogue, he acted out the story using these finger puppets. It helped him with his narration and he really enjoys it. If you want to have fun with narrations, you can also try this!

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