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Dancing Momma

One of the members of Saints Dance Ministry (the dance ministry I am currently involved in) asked us different questions about our background in dancing which I'd like to share here too.

Dancing Momma

Part 1: 

1. When did you start dancing?

I've been dancing since I was in Elementary years. I used to dance for different intermission numbers and dance competitions in school and barangay events. I was dancing until High School and College.

2. Is dancing a hobby for you or is it something you really want to pursue?

It's more of a hobby for me. Having a lot on my plate right now, I don't think this is something I can still pursue. However, given the time and opportunity, why not?

3. Who are your dance inspirations?

In the past, I wasn't exposed to different dance styles and there's no Youtube yet. Although, I can remember idolizing Sexbomb. Now, I am inspired by many from Saints (Yas, may pagka-loyal). 

4. Do you have a favorite style or is there a style you really want to learn/master?

Since my background is contemporary, I can say it's my favorite. With Contempt, you can show different emotions and create different stories. It's a struggle for me to dance hip-hop and I've been wanting to learn it since it's not my forte.

5. What do you like more: solo freestyles, solo battles, group performances, group competitions, concept videos?

I love group performances. I love the teamwork and unity. It also amazes me kapag nakikita ko na nagiging isa yung galaw.

Dancing Momma

Dancing Momma

Part 2:

6. Where have you taken classes or what is your dance background?

I've taken Contemporary Dance Class in our theater organization back in College. Our Director was part of Philippine Ballet and a great Contemporary Dancer. That was my formal dance class and then for other styles, it was with Saints. 

7. Where have you performed or what is your dance resume?

It was in college that I really get into dancing seriously. I was part of Maestro Dance Ensemble. We performed at different conventions, gatherings and theater play. Ginagawa rin namin siyang raket where we earned money. I also danced during the Encounter with Angels Concert as one of the backup dancers of Hero Angeles and Nina. Suki din kami dati sa Unang Hirit. I remember there was one time while we were doing Social Dance in PE one of the Pep Squad Members approached me and asked if I want to join PUP PEP. But I refused because I'm loyal to our Theater. When I left college and started working, I put off dancing. 

8. Why did you join Saints?

At first, I have no plans of joining Saints. I thought it's for Youth. But It was very timely because I came to a point where I asked God,  "Lord,  what is my gift/talent? I want to use it (talking about stewardship). I feel like I'm forcing myself to do things that I am not really good at (like blogging,  etc.). I also asked hubby the same question, he answered me, dancing! Sabi ko, uu nga ano. But then, my dilemma was matigas na buto ko, i'm not flexible anymore and kinakalawang na. Also, there's no more opportunity for me to dance. I joined Praise Moves, but I don't feel challenged, I know it wasn't for me. Then, one of my small group sister, invited me to join the Open Dance Class by Saints. I said no,  kasi same time with my son's soccer training. But then, I realized since dalawa naman kami ni hubby na naghahatid, pwede nman si hubby muna. So, I joined and that's how I started.

9. How has your dance journey been so far in the ministry?

The first few days was very disappointing. I'm disappointed of myself and my memory. I'm having a hard time with the steps since I have a different background and sobrang kalawang na talaga. Imagine, it was 10 years ago since I got to dance training. I was on the verge of giving up, every after training naiiyak ako kasi mahirap siya. But then, I praise God for B (our coordinator). She encouraged me to go on.

10. Why are you still in saints?

Actually, during the Praise Season, I thought I will leave Saints for good. I was crying out to God (we have marital issues) but He honored my desire and allowed me to dance for Praise 2018 😭. The journey is not easy,  juggling between home and ministry. But God is gracious to me. I am learning a lot from this ministry and it is a very humbling experience. God knows I love to dance and I will be with SDM as long as God wants me to be here.

Dancing Momma

Dancing Momma

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