Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Animation with Blender


Last week, we started another Homeschool Year, Gabi's vacation is over. But you might be wondering what he is up to during his last vacation.

Well, aside from devouring books, playing piano and drawing, he is also into animation.

I've shared how Gabi started his affinities to Animation here. Up to now, he is still fond of it. During his free time, he would ask for his "Amination time". Whilst on vacation, this is one of his occupations.

Stick Nodes Animation

He's been using Stick Nodes Pro for a while now but we thought of changing the app he is using to level up. We asked for a few suggestions but he decided he wants to try 3D Animation.  He searched for a free app and picked Blender amongst others.

Here is his latest work using Blender, he used tutorials from Youtube to achieve these outputs.

3D Model

He said he likes it because it is very realistic. What do you think?

 photo Signature_zpsxldfmcbl.png


  1. Cool! How old is your son? My son is a Blender animator, too. Maybe they could chat sometime. :)

    1. Yay! That's a great idea. He is turning 11 yo. :)