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AmblesideOnline Year 3

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Gabi with his favorite AO Year 3 Books:
Pagoo, The Children of the New Forest, and The Princess and the Goblin

This week marked the end of another year of our homeschooling; our 4th year of homeschooling, 2nd year using Charlotte Mason and AmblesideOnline Curriculum and 1st year as Independent Homeschool

We were able to do four school days only for this school year. We set aside a day for rest from school work and it has been propitious for us. We had it first on Fridays but eventually chose Monday since we always have busy weekends due to different ministries we are involved in.

Here's a glimpse of our Year 3/Grade 5.

Morning Time

We finally got the stride for our morning time. In the past, I kept on switching schedules but I am happy now that we've settled into the one that works for our family.

What's in our Morning Time?
We have the Exodus Map, a Bible journal, English and Filipino Poems, a song list for Hymn, Folk Song and Spanish Song, list of Memory Works and English and Filipino books for the morning read in rotation. 

We recently added GLC 1 materials (from our church) for our Bible Curriculum along with doctrinal Catechism for Young Children.

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Morning Basket


After our history read, we did the usual Oral and/or Written Narrations. We also put entries in the same Timeline we are using since Year 1. We have some map work along with the readings.

AmblesideOnline Year 3

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Different Maps


We journeyed with Marco Polo this year to his many far and dangerous journeying. We also do 10 minutes of Seterra for Map Drills on the side.

AmblesideOnline Year 3


Every time we finished a Biography Book, I would ask Gabi to sketch it as his final output.

AmblesideOnline Year 3


We made some experiments with A Drop of Water, followed Pagoo's different exploits in and out of the Tide Pool Town and discovered animals from The Secret of the Woods with William J. Long. 

We had a few nature walks too and whatever we brought home from the outdoor, we sketch and add to our nature cabinet or in our flower/leaf press. We were able to start our nature calendar also. I have no definite topic for our nature study, it's basically whatever we encounter outside. But I am thinking of specific focus come Year 4.

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Nature Finds, Journals, Calendar, and Sketches


This year, we included cursive in our copywork. Although Gabi already knew it back in the conventional school, we didn't include it in Year 1. Eventually, we added Spencerian and I am planning to give him a fountain pen once he mastered it and if the budget permits.

AmblesideOnline Year 3


For our Philippine History, we used Manila My Manila and will continue the other half next school year. We also discussed Filipino Heroes: Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, and Antonio Luna. We were able to read some Alamat and Tales from Lola Basyang. We have Mga Tula ni Rio Alma in our Morning Time for poetry.

AmblesideOnline Year 3


We were able to have a consistent Tea Time this year (compared to last year) where we do our Handicraft, Music and Art Study, Geography, Recitation, Timeline, Solfa, Life Skills. Nature Sketch and drawing.

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Drawing from Memory

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Making a Replica


We had Term 1: Paper Sloyd, Term 2: Basic Sewing and Term 3: Embroidery.

AmblesideOnline Year 3
Tree Embroidery Project

I must say the journey has been so pleasant for us. In CM education, it is the child who is doing the work. Gabi is learning mostly through reading and narration. I don't need to spend time creating lessons. My job is to gather the materials and present the feast to him. It is his job to experience those materials and make personal connections with them. With AO, the work has been done for us. Though, it allows us to organize our day that best fits my family. That is why I am so grateful to the AO Advisory who has done a great deal of effort to provide this FREE curriculum to anyone!

Above all, I praise God for leading us to this wondrous homeschooling journey. Our financial struggle should not deter us from pursuing what He called us to do. After all, He is the one who will guide us and lead our way. Many times, His provision and sustenance are so evident that we are confident to pursue this journey.

As we embark another year of our Charlotte Mason Education, we will carry the same God-confidence with the assurance that He will show Himself the faithful.

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