Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Handicraft # 3: Loom Bands

Loom Bands

This is a quick and easy handicraft to do. From small rubber bands, you can make just anything out of it: bracelet, ring and any kind of accessories. Gabi learned doing this back in the days when he was still going to conventional school (before we decided to homeschool).

We recently attended a birthday party where we got these materials and my son just want to get a little crafty. For this handicraft, you will need bands and an S-clip and you're all set. You can also have different colors and make different patterns. 

Loom Bands

To start this, you just have to twist one band to create a figure "8" and join it over so it makes a circle. Pinch one band between your finger or like my son you can use pencils. Then, slide the second band halfway through the circle you previously made. Pull the ends up and hold them together. Repeat until you were able to make a long one. Finally, secure it with the clip.

Loom Bands
Gabi made an anklet for me

Loom Bands

I remember doing this when we were kids We used to play rubber band games and this is one way of securing it. This is something you can offer to make those little hands busy, simple yet can be an excellent gift.

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