Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Handicraft # 2: Paper Sloyd - Year One

Handicraft is one of the elements in a Charlotte Mason Education because of its many advantages. One, in particular, is Paper Sloyd. It is also known as a Living Math since it is incorporated in many geometric concepts.

Handicraft # 2: Paper Sloyd

I chose this for our Year 3 Term 1 because my son loves Origami (which is another handicraft), so this is an instant click to him. On the other hand, my husband loves woodworking and the principles in Sloyd can also be used in woods.

The goal here is to make an accurate measurement unlike in Origami. Perfect execution is the key. From a simple square, he can make different items such as a basket, picture frame, pin-wheel, etc. and it gets difficult as it progressed.

Here is our completed output for Term 1.

Handicraft # 2: Paper Sloyd

We finished the First Year Models and we are planning to continue next year. We will be doing another handicraft for the meantime and I am yet to decide on which. :)

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