Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Goalie

My husband loves basketball, so much so that he wanted to pass on his passion in this sport to our eldest son. I remember from time to time, he will bring Gabi along with him during his games or if not to watch a game in the nearest basketball court. 

We discovered though that it is not for our son. Instead of dribbling the ball, he continually kicks it inside the basketball court. This brought us to a realization that he may have an inclination to a different sport, that is soccer.

Our Goalie

We were blessed to be introduced to CCF Mega Sports last 2015 and we were able to join for the first time in the Street Soccer. I shared about our second time joining this camp here. Gabi really loves soccer! But since it was just a summer event, we prayed to God for an affordable soccer class because we want it to become his regular sport. I tried to search online for some classes but they're too pricey. I asked God to provide us a cheaper class that we can afford.

God in His faithfulness, opened another opportunity for us. The CCF Football Club offered a regular Saturday classes for FREE! Yes, it's free, we just pay 50php as payment for the soccer field. So with no hesitation, we grabbed the opportunity and we really commit our Saturday mornings to it.

When we first joined CCF FC. We don't have all the necessary gears. We were using the ball given to my son during his first Mega Sports Camp. He doesn't even have soccer shoes, he is just using a regular one. But Gabi never complained about it. He persevered because this is something he really holds dear.

When the husband got a recognition as an Accolade Awardee in his previous company, it was accompanied by a Sodexo Gift Certificates as part of Sodexo Benefits and Reward Services. Although it was the result of his hardwork, he also wanted to bless our son and extend him the reward he himself received. So he decided to buy our son some gears he needed for his soccer. Amongst the different Sodexo Merchants, we went to Toby's.

Our Goalie
One happy kiddo!

Our Goalie
Thanks, Sodexo!
We were really astounded how God provided for our son. We didn't spend cash on these, it's really like a gift to him. Sodexo GC’s have always been and forever will be valid. Plus, if you need revalidation and replacement of Sodexo GC’s, it's free of charge once the validity date is reached.

My 2016 Highlights
New gear
Although this is not the only experience we had using Sodexo Gift Certificates, this has been the most rewarding experience thus far! Everytime our son plays, we were reminded of this blessing from God through Sodexo GC.

This October, our son joined CCF FC Futsal and was given Sportsmanship Award and Mythical 5 Award during the Finals. Until now, he is still using the same gears we bought him last 2016 using the Sodexo Gift Certificates.

Our Goalie
Photo Credit to CCF FC

Our Goalie
Mythical 5, Photo Credit to CCF FC
Every time he played, we always remind him to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus (Col. 3:17). Just like his Dad, he was recognized for giving his best in every game.

We look forward to more bruise and sweat as our child pursues this passion.

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