Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BeautyMNL: My First Online Shopping Experience

I am so blessed to be handpicked to give the BeautyMNL site a test run. This is very timely because going to mall is a luxury for me, something that I cannot afford, haha! Especially this season where people are mostly in the mall doing early Christmas shopping.

BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul

BeautyMNL is the No.1 and the biggest beauty site in the Philippines, where Filipinas can discover something pretty and new every day. 

A major part of BeautyMNL is its Shop, here you can buy a wide range of mommy-and-kid-friendly products. I came to know this site from other blogger friends so I'm not really new to this. Although, this is definitely my first online shopping with them. 

When I got the invitation, I hurried to browse their site. It is very easy to navigate and takes very little time to use. I'm so happy to see familiar brands. Some of the brands available include makeup and skincare favorites from Maybelline and Be Organic Bath & Body, and some kid-friendly items too from VMV HypoallergenicsHappy FaceHappy Body: Milk Wash by MooGoo, and Baby Shampoo from Zenutrients.

I'm not very confident in buying makeup products online. As much as possible, I want to see it, touch it or even test it out first. But since I've read good reviews about BeautyMNL, I did not hesitate to give it a shot. Good thing you can read descriptions on What to love and How to use the products. There are also Reviews available and some Swatch guide. These are very helpful especially if you want to try new products or a first-timer like me. You can save time because you don't really need to step out of the site, everything has been provided!

BeautyMNL offers 24-hour delivery for Metro Manila and 5-7 days for nationwide delivery. I placed my order Friday and I was surprised when I received a text notification last Sunday that my order will be arriving anytime within the day. Wow! I was actually expecting it to arrive on Monday because of the weekends. 

So here's what I have in my haul:
BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul
Color Sensational Creamy Mattes in Faint for Fuchsia

BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul
L.a. Colors Mineral Blush in Tenderling

BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul
Dearberry Must Eyetem Mascara

BeautyMNL Make-Up Haul
L.A. Colors Pro Concealer Stick in Light Honey
Online shopping is becoming more of a trend nowadays and my experience with BeautyMNL is as easy as 1-2-3, what a breeze! For Moms who cannot afford to leave home, this shop is for you!

Thank you BeautyMNL for the smooth and easy shopping! I can't wait to try these beauty loot!

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