Monday, October 24, 2016

Why I want an OPPO F1s


Me and my husband has been without smartphone for couple of weeks now. We were both using smartphone in the past provided by the company, perks of being part of the management team. We used to enjoy a good data plan, to be always in the know of current social trends, posting selfies and "ATM" wherever we go. But since we both left our positions, we have to surrender it.

We are using "low tech" phones nowadays, It's hard especially If most of your contacts are communicationg thru online IMs. But this experience teaches us something more important.We learned to spend less time on browsing the internet and social media. We learned to focus on the most important thing, our quiet time with the Lord and spending time with the kids. It was a very humbling experience for us. It's like going back to where we started. This experience reminds us not to be attached on temporal things.

As a blogger, I recognized the need to have a smartphone. Especially when you are attending events. Right now,  I am using our DSLR camera. Although it gives a great photo quality, it's not really user-friendly. I'm not a tech savvy and I'm having a hard time with the right settings. I'm more of a point and shoot type, thus I usually end up with an automatic setting. However, there are times that I find the flash distracting especially if someone is giving a talk in front. Another downside of using this is the size. It's not handy and It's too bulky for me. You cannot even do selfies with it, no real time upload of photos as well.

We have plan on buying a new smartphone. We've been eyeing for this "Selfie Expert" phone that is always featured in PBA, the Oppo F1s. My husband told me, that this is perfect fit for me since the phone has an elegant outer look with two thread thin metallic bands on the back which makes it a beauty to see and hold. However, my husband told me to wait for the right time. I'm always tempted to complain and become impatient because I want to have it the soonest. But God wants me to learn  to wait (sigh), delayed gratification.

Since I'm lways on-the go, having a phone that is easy to use and hold is really convenient. I want this phone because this fits people like me who loves taking pictures and making memories. Not to mention the technical specifications of it. I can't wait to have an outstanding selfie using this phone!

As what we have learned from our experience, our time with the Lord and with the family will always be our priority. "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (Mark 3:25). So make memories with your loved ones, take a lot of pictures and selfies, build strong relationships. When you go back to those memories, I'm sure you won't regret spending time with them.

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