Thursday, September 15, 2016

REVIEW: Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfum for Women

Finding the right perfume is quite challenging especially with a lot of selections in the market to choose from. In the same way, it is also burdensome deciding on whether to spend greatly on designer perfume brands or opt for more budget-friendly fragrances.

As for me, I'll go for the latter. In fact, I'm not really a perfume aficionado. I'm good with baby colognes. Most of the time, I prefer a light smell which I can wear all day without getting a headache. But it's good to try something new, agree? So, I was happy enough to try this Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfumfor Women sent to me by Lazada a few days ago.

Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfum for Women

Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfum is a quality signature fragrances from France. 
It is highly concentrated, 12% perfume oil essence.

The Brand

- An Exquisite Brand Designed For The Masstige Segment Within The Luxurious & Prestigious World Of Perfumes
- The Collection Is An Expression Of Refined Fragrances That Are Beautifully Crafted To Captivate & Define Elegance, Prestige, Glamour & Luxury
- The Products Created Are Value For Money
- They Use The Same Quality Ingredients, Materials As Leading Perfume Houses & Designer High-End Brands
- The Brand’s Strategy to Create Superior Quality Products Parallels the Finesse & Luxury of Any Prestige Designer Label
- Christian Gautier Perfumes Are Not Sold At Premium Designer Prices

Christian Gautier Feminine Eau De Parfum for Women

When I got this product, I was actually suffering from a bad cough and colds. So you know, my sense of smell is not functioning well. I was so eager to try this so I sprayed some on my wrist and tried my best to sniff. Sadly, it was unsuccessful. Frustrated me, I asked my son Gabi, "Is there a smell?”. Hahaha, that’s a silly question, I know. Of course, there is, but my nose is stuffed up by colds so I don't smell anything. Lol.

Anyhow, since my sense is now back (Woohoo!), it's verdict time! Here's my short review:

The packaging. I like the feminine look of the bottle. It's easy to hold and spray. It's not too bulky so this is a good addition to your kikay kit. I like the red color which is actually common in sensual fragrances.

The scent. Oriental floral fruity which gives you a sophisticated allure. It's not "young smelling" though.

Overall, I don't see myself wearing this every day, but this is definitely good for special occasions. If you want to feel fierce and mature, then this is the best fit. It is "expensive"-smelling but budget-friendly. You only need one or two sprays.

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