Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Lapbooking Experience

I wasn't really into lapbooking until I saw a pile of colorful lapbooks in Sis Ayenn's house the last time we gathered for our coop. Sis Ayenn of Ayen's Dwelling Place is our mentor when it comes to homeschooling. She is a great inspiration and her family is a blessing to us. I flipped through some of the lapbooks made by her two kids and I love how creative and personal it is.  Then, I decided to do the same.

Here's how we do lapbooking:

I usually print free lapbook templates from online resources. I will cut, fold and set it aside for future use. Sometimes, I ask for Gabi's help to cut them for me.

During study time, I will ask him to read a lesson and will hand over a few templates to use. I will ask him to write down any important facts or information he learned from what he just read. It's like a notebooking of a sort - something I got from Sis Ayenn also.

I like how Gabi will write information according to how he understands it and would go beyond merely copying what is in the book. After that, he will put designs and drawings on the lapbook which really excites him. I recently allowed him to do it so he will not find the task boring.

Sometimes, I will print ready-made lapbooks for the topic that we are covering. There are a lot online, for FREE.

Here are our Grade 3 Lapbooks:

Multiplication Lapbook

We used this Multiplication Lapbook when we were discussing multiplication. Gabi wrote the answers at the back of the mini-books and flaps.

Tudor Lapbook

I wrote about Gabi's Horrible Histories Obsession which led us into making a Tudor Lapbook.

Strokes Lapbook

When Gabi's Lolo Jojo died, he kept bugging us with questions Stroke. We decided to do a little research and discussed it to him. Then, we came up with this output.  You can read about how his Lolo Jojo saved Gabi's life here.

Art Appreciation Lapbook

We also did an Art Appreciation and here are the Famous Artists and Impressionist Artists that we were able to cover.

Who is God? Lapbook

We used Who is God? by Apologia for our Bible Curriculum. We do not have the notebooking that usually comes with the book. Instead, we used lapbooking to list down notes.

Astronomy Lapbook

This is our Astronomy Lapbook, Gabi called it, the "biggest lapbook". We studied different planets and created separate sections for each.

Tagaytay Lapbook

We went to Tagaytay last June to attend a wedding and integrated it to our homeschooling. The lapbook includes brief information About Tagaytay, it's distance from our house (in km and m) and the places we visited. Gabi shared his experience and explained what he knew about the wedding. He also shared that he started to like the song "Ikaw" by Yeng Constantino after hearing it at the wedding. This is our Q3 Civics, Filipino, Math, Bible, Arts and Music output in one.

What I like about lapbooking is it serves as an easy reference for us on topics we discussed. It also helps Gabi to be more creative. We love to flip the mini-books from time to time and look back on the memories we built along with it. I asked Gabi if he still wants to do it this coming school year and he said yes! I may not know until when we will be doing this, but for now, this will be a part of our homeschool journey.

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