Sunday, June 5, 2016

#LittleManGael Talks

My second born is a real chatterbox and a parrot in the house. At the age of 2.5, he can express himself, although at times "bulol". He can now do two to three words sentence.

I've collected some of his words and gabbing:

Diya - Kuya
Wisaw - Whiskar
Hula - Julia
E.K - Tito K
Tita Abel - Tita Belle
Lola Anay - Lola Pinay
Kigo JC - Tito JC
Diya HmmKoy - Kuya Mccoy

Gael's Words:
Aker - Water
Eow - Ayaw
Lice - Rice
Cow - Car
Wed - Red
Bord - Bird
Miwow - Mirror
E.V - T.V
Bobot - Keyboard
Sisers - Slippers
Hunk - Shoes
Wiwow - Yellow
Nun - Moon
Sis us - Excuse us
Kuter - Computer
TQ - Thank you
Motorsikol - Motorcycle
Hemet - Helmet
Redance - Ambulance
Wickey - Mickey
Wigo - Lego
Otok - Oks si Doc
Bibi - Baby
Shaner - Sharpener
Wok - Work
Apit - Armpit
Asters - Upstairs
Ayva - Saliva

Gael's Prayer:

Dear God, Jesus. Hmmmen!


Gael: San Dad?
Mom: At work.
Gael: San Diya (Kuya)?
Mom: Kuya is with Dad at work.
Gael: Kuya work?

* * *

Mom asking Gabi to go to the other side of the bed and to lie down properly. 
Mom: Gab, where's your head (I was saying, where should be your head)?
Jaden: Head! (While touching his head). Toinks!!!

* * *

Daddy asking Kuya Gabi to take a bath.
Dad: Wala ka naman choice eh,sige na.
Gael: Sige na... hmmm. Go bath!

Gabi Counts with Daddy

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